Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ukrainian CPR, Russian Life Support and The Boris Yeltsin Classification of Heart Failure V: A Final and Total Closure.

I’d like to pick up from where I left four months ago.

I have been working closely with many Russian and Ukrainian graduates over the last four months.

If I had been negatively and unfairly biased against any of my house officers at any time, may lightning strike me dead this very moment.

My conscience is clear in that I have treated each of my house officer with equality and justice.

A senior clinician has requested my help in submitting a report on the competency of Russian and Ukrainian graduates to Ismail Merican, Director-General of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Seemingly, news of incompetent house officers have caught the attention of Ismail Merican and he is seriously considering derecognition of degrees from the institutions concerned.

I did not write that report.

I was too caught up in my personal affairs to write an official report on a topic so wide with so many confounding factors.

Nevertheless, my final stand after four months of quiet contemplation remains the same:
• The Russian and Ukrainian universities are providing substandard medical education to Malaysian students

• The MIC and its unscrupulous agents have effectively destroyed the future of thousands of young Malaysians aspiring to be doctors by cheating them into Ukrainian degree mills like CSMU

• The majority of graduates from Russian and Ukrainian institutions are indeed lacking in skills and knowledge. The competent and truly qualified graduates will unfortunately suffer the stigma resulting from their underachieving peers.

• Attitude goes a long way and will ultimately determine one’s competency as a clinician.

Speaking of attitude, it really doesn’t help when one hears from such a stupid and arrogant doctor:

“I am a Russian grad. All I can say say is that I am competent.I wanna do surgery but my MO always asks me questions that do not reflect practise like what class of antibiotic is this and this? Who cares? Just give the god damn antibiotic - the patient needs it. And then asking me about ABG interpretation. Hey - just give some oxygen, why the fuss on ABG? When I transfused a patient with 13.0 level of HB - my MO went mad. I’m like huh? The normal level is 15 - so i topped him up.

In short - I think we can learn more if these MOs let us do more and stop asking irrelevant questions. They wont even let me insert a central line-so how am i gonna learn??? Instead of teaching me - they ask me about anatomy.

I am so sick of this -why must Russian grads be treated so bad?”

Anonymous, July 22 2009, 5.29 pm.

At the same time, I also do not condone emotionally-charged comments such as this written by a very frustrated longtime friend of mine:

“Obviously if you don't know what class an antibiotic is, how to intepret an ABG, your anatomy or what the big fuss is all about transfusing a patient with Hb=13, you simply don't deserve to practise medicine. You are worse than a Form 5 student. Medicine is not a profession that you can do whatever you like with the patients, thinking that if you can operate on a patient you are a great doctor. If you still don't see my point, you are just too stupid to be a doctor.

Mind you, anonymous...I will say it again (and I don't regret it), you are just too stupid to be a doctor. Just go flush your face in the toilet bowl. If you guys don't know simple things like your anatomy after going through 5 years in medical school, there's essentially nothing more you guys can learn even if you were given the opportunity to learn.”

AK, August 2 2009, 11.57 PM

This will be the last article I’ll be writing on Russian and Ukrainian graduates.

This very eventful topic of will come to final and total closure hereafter.

You may now direct your curses and threats to the nearest brick wall.

Thank you.

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