Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Making Sense of 2011 (I)

Lessons, realizations and enlightenment I have gained this year:

• I’m an oddball that fits nowhere.
• Joy and contentment is both strangely elusive and innate deep within.
• There is no shame in admitting one’s utter stupidity and foolish mistakes.
• Sometimes, a u-turn is the only way back to the right path.
• Some people are just bodoh, sombong (dumb and arrogant) and beyond redemption.
• Age and experience is not synonymous with wisdom and respect.
• A supportive spouse is invaluable and is deserving of one’s utmost love.
• There are no off-days in parenthood.
• The Filipino Badjaus got it right in childraising.
• God is a sick Almighty who plays wicked games for no apparent reason.
• Durians can cause fever and sorethroat.
• Painkillers are a Godsent.
• Music from the 90s rocked.
• There comes a stage in life where everything is just crap and crappy.
• South Park was spot-on about the above.
• There is no poetic justice, except when it’s all a conspiracy.
• The road to hell is laden with good intentions.
• Never ever be fat in this lifetime or the next.
• The Wiggles are actually quite entertaining and not gay.
• There will always be ‘another hurdle, another milestone’ in life.
• Malaysia is screwed, regardless of whatever and ever.
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good riddance, bozo!

Dear Sam,

Greetings from across the South China Sea.

I read with great laughter and self satisfaction that you have been demoted and evicted from your office for corruption.

I hope you will now be a good MO and wear your neck tie and lab coat and 1Malaysia badge wherever you go, even if it is splattered with blood and bile.

You really never knew how lucky you were, to be in a position that you were not deserving of.

In a different country, under a different system, you would most likely not even make it to medical school, what more hold a high office in a tertiary hospital.

Writing any more would be a waste of my time.

Enjoy your new salary scale, bozo.


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Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Open Letter To MCA

To the party known as MCA,

Please fade away. Please die.

Your recent annual general assembly has convinced me that there is not an ounce of integrity or worth left within the MCA.

As a Christian by conviction, I have been reminded not to cast the first stone as when Jesus Christ forgave an immoral lady instead of condemning her to death for adultery.

However, the lady caught red-handed in an amorous moment did not leave boasting about her sins and flaunting about like a peahen.

Conversely, your president vehemently claimed that his only mistake in his sex scandal was to ‘use the same hotel room every time’.

His audacity to proclaim himself a ‘winnable candidate anywhere’ is nothing short of disgusting.

Even the commercial sex workers of Bukit Bintang have a sense of shame.

The same cannot be said about your current president.

At a time when families are breaking up due to the dearth of men with integrity, the MCA president is setting a very poor example to the men of Malaysia.

I move on to your other present crop of office bearers.

For as long as I could remember, the post of Health Minister has always been under the MCA.

From Chua Jui Meng to Chua Soi Lek and now Liow Tiong Lai, can MCA boasts of any real achievements in Malaysian healthcare?

Save for the newer hospitals , most of our general hospitals are a disgrace to the much-sung Malaysia Boleh slogan.

If the Health Ministers of MCA had more sincerity in serving the people rather than the interest of their UMNO political masters, Malaysia could have measured up to the healthcare in the Lion City which by the way, is the choice of frustrated Malaysian doctors.

What we have now instead is a messy healthcare system mired in corruption and inefficiency, one that is bereft of respect for the sanctity of human life.

It is utterly clear to me that the MCA does not have the interest of Malaysians at heart.

Your office bearers like the corrupted generals of Chinese dynasties past are only there to enrich themselves and build dynasties of their own.

Do you really think Malaysians, ranking numero uno in Facebook usage would truly believe that the Cuti-cuti Malaysia Facebook page is worth RM 1.8 million?

That figure of course, pales in comparison with the RM 12.5 billion PKFZ scandal in which the central figure is none other than former MCA president Ling Liong Sik.

One of MCA’s great boasts is that of the Tunku Abdul Rahman College and University.


If MCA had successfully stood up and fought for a just and equitable higher education system, there is no need for the existence of these two college that are essentially profit-making private entities.

Far from being symbols of pride and glory, the TAR institutions are a concrete testimony to the cowardice, greed and pretense within MCA.

The DAP may not be as well endowed as MCA but at least the Rocket is not afraid to speak up when injustice and atrocities are committed by your big brother UMNO.

The deaths of Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan, Amirulrasyid and Bersih supporter Baharuddin Ahmad under suspicious circumstances demanded a unified voice of reason that transcends ethnicity and political ideology.

I hear the voices of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition loud and clear throughout, whenever our rights as Malaysian citizens are under threat and abuse.

However, it is the silence of MCA and other UMNO lackeys that are most deafening.

For this simple reason alone, it is enough to say that MCA is indeed irrelevant to the ordinary Malaysian.

In times such as these, Malaysians need heroes and warriors, not running dogs to a fascist ethnocentric regime.

Dear MCA, enjoy your seven hired beauties while you still can.

You are after all, on your deathbed.


Product of the System.
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Utusan Untuk Encik Roslan bin Abdul Shukor / A Message For Encik Roslan bin Abdul Shukor

“Kamu budak Cina dan India jangan sombong. Jangan ingat kamu hebat dan pandai sangat. Rekod jenayah polis – yang merompak, yang membunuh semuanya Cina, yang menculik, yang rampas kereta semuanya India. Melayu – satu pun tak ada. Kamu jangan fikir kamu punya agama bagus sangat, ini Tanah Melayu, ingat baik-baik.”

Wahai Encik Roslan bin Abdul Shukor,

Begitulah bunyinya kata-kata cikgu sewaktu saya di Tingkatan Satu.

Cikgu mungkin lupa memandangkan insiden tersebut sudah begitu lama.

Namun, saya tidak.

Saya ingat, saya ingat dengan jelas sekali.

Begitukah kelakuan dan pemikiran seorang guru disiplin sekolah kebangsaan?

Begitukah cara cikgu mendidik dan membimbing budak-budak mentah?

Pernahkah cikgu berfikir tentang kesan dan ekoran kata-kata kamu yang begitu menghasut dan penuh kebencian?

Sebenarnya dan sememangnya jelas sekali, kamu sebenarnya tidak berminat untuk memantapkan sifat berdisiplin dalam sanubari pelajar-pelajar kamu.

Kamu hanya berminat untuk mematuhi arahan tuan kamu iaitu Pemuda UMNO.

Kamu hanya bertujuan untuk memastikan kami yang berkaum bukan Melayu akan senantiasa akur pada konsep dan bohong Ketuanan Melayu.

Itulah sebabnya kamu begitu jelasnya berat sebelah dalam keputusan dan tindakan kamu.

Namun, kamu bodoh dan rabun jauh.

Minta maaf la sekiranya kata-kata saya kurang sopan tetapi kebenaran tetap kebenaran.

Kamu tidak pernah berfikir dan mempertimbangkan kemungkinan pelajar-pelajar bukan Melayu yang dulunya diracuni propaganda UMNO kamu akan kembali menghantui kamu sebagai doktor pakar perubatan dan pembedahan.

Ya, cikgu – saya bukan dalam kejahilan.

Cikgu Roslan yang dulunya begitu sombong dan penuh perkauman kini diserang pelbagai masalah kesihatan.

Saya juga sedia maklum bahawa Cikgu Roslan tidak lama lagi perlu menjalani rawatan dialysis.

Jangan bimbang cikgu yang tersayang, saya sebagai doktor tetap akan memberikan rawatan yang sewajarnya.

Saya hanya berharap, sewaktu kamu terpasang ke mesin dialysis untuk empat jam tiga kali seminggu, kamu imbas semula kata-kata kamu yang penuh kebencian dan insaf dengan seikhlas-ikhlasnya.

Sebagai penganut Kristian, satu agama yang pernah kamu caci dengan sewenang-wenangnya, saya memaafkan segala kesalahan kamu, termasuklah semua perkataan dan tindakan kamu yang penuh kebencian kepada kaum dan agama saya.

Walau bagaimanapun, ingin saya luahkan isi hati saya yang mungkin terpendam dalam minda rakan-rakan saya di Tingkatan Satu dulunya itu.



Yang Ikhlas,



“You Chinese and Indians, don’t be so cocky. Don’t think you are so great and brilliant. Police records show – armed robberies and murders are all committed by Chinese, kidnapping dan hijacking are all by Indians. Malays, not even a single one. Don’t think your religion is so great – this is Tanah Melayu – remember that.”

Dear Encik Roslan bin Abdul Shukor,

Those were your words back when I was in Form One.

You may have forgotten them since they were so long ago.

I have not, however.

I remember them well, very well in fact.

Are those the appropriate words of a disciplinary master in a national school?

Is that the way to teach and guide innocent children?

Have you ever thought about the consequences of your hate-filled words of slander?

Actually it is clear and obvious even then, you were never interested to enforce discipline among us students.

You were only concerned about fulfilling the wishes and directives of your masters in UMNO Youth.

Your only intention was to ensure that us non-Malay kids would forever subscribe to the falsehood that is Malay Supremacy.

That is why you were always biased in your decisions and actions.

However, you were stupid and short-sighted.

I bid a casual sorry if my words are blunt but the truth needs to be told.

You never weighed the possibility that your previous non-Malay students previously poisoned by your hatred and racism would one day return to haunt you as physicians and surgeons.

Yes, indeed Encik Roslan – I am not in the dark.

Cikgu Roslan the previously arrogant and racist bastard is now afflicted with multiple health problems.

I am also aware that your kidneys are now failing to the extent that you will require dialysis soon.

Don’t you worry my beloved teacher – as an ethical doctor I will still offer you the appropriate treatment.

I hope that when you are connected to the dialysis machine for four hours three times a week, you will remember your hate-filled words of yesteryears and repent with sincerity.

As a Christian, a religion that you criticized at your whims and fancy, I forgive you for your wrongs – even those that were filled with hatred towards my ethnicity dan spiritual beliefs.

Nevertheless, allow me to express something which has been entrenched in my mind and those of my then Form One classmates.




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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Write to Thelma, not POTS

Dear POTS,

I write because I have been told that you can help.

I have been told that you have ways and means to eventually get things done your way, even bypassing the State Health Department and preventing the promotion of a HINDRAF-like character to the post of hospital director.

I am currently working with a 40-year-old MO. She is arrogant, rude and utterly stupid in terms of medical knowledge.

She shows no compassion to patients and sucks up to the boss for protection.

I try my best to practise evidence-based medicine in order to do justice for the patients under my care.

She on the other hand, practises opinion-based medicine.

Needless to say, her opinions are as good as that of a chronic MO who has tried but failed her specialty examinations.

I am outraged at the nonsense care that the patients are receiving under her care.

We even quarrel publicly in front of house officers and patients.

Please advise.

With warmest regards,


Dear SOP,

I wonder why you write to me and not Thelma.

Thelma offers much better advice, especially in sensationalized sexacapes of horny Malaysian men.

My reputation is overrated - I did make life hell for a college warden back in 6th College, University Malaya by putting her ugly face on Friendster.

Apart from that, I have no great tales and achievements to boast of.

You must have mistaken me for a close friend of mine.

Anyway, I honestly believe that this monster of a colleague is not worth your time and calories.

Malaysia unfortunately, is full of such characters – people who should never have been doctors and could never have been doctors under a different system.

Do not argue with this 40-year-old spinster – you are merely wasting your saliva.

The hardest thing to change in this world is a person’s character and if I were you, I would not even try to.

Your colleague is probably suffering from low self esteem for reasons that are obvious – her failure to pass examinations, her ageing body, free-falling stock value and impending menopause.

I can give you ideas on how to play mean pranks on your enemies and make their lives miserable but that would not solve your differences with her, wouldn’t it?

Furthermore, I am trying to turn over a new leaf and just be at total peace and calm, not unlike an ostrich with its head in the sand.

You can write to the Malaysian Medical Council if you think your colleague is professionally incompetent but from personal experience, I think your time would be better off spent flying kites and watching paint dry.

I am sorry if I were not of much help.



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