Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Open Letter To MCA

To the party known as MCA,

Please fade away. Please die.

Your recent annual general assembly has convinced me that there is not an ounce of integrity or worth left within the MCA.

As a Christian by conviction, I have been reminded not to cast the first stone as when Jesus Christ forgave an immoral lady instead of condemning her to death for adultery.

However, the lady caught red-handed in an amorous moment did not leave boasting about her sins and flaunting about like a peahen.

Conversely, your president vehemently claimed that his only mistake in his sex scandal was to ‘use the same hotel room every time’.

His audacity to proclaim himself a ‘winnable candidate anywhere’ is nothing short of disgusting.

Even the commercial sex workers of Bukit Bintang have a sense of shame.

The same cannot be said about your current president.

At a time when families are breaking up due to the dearth of men with integrity, the MCA president is setting a very poor example to the men of Malaysia.

I move on to your other present crop of office bearers.

For as long as I could remember, the post of Health Minister has always been under the MCA.

From Chua Jui Meng to Chua Soi Lek and now Liow Tiong Lai, can MCA boasts of any real achievements in Malaysian healthcare?

Save for the newer hospitals , most of our general hospitals are a disgrace to the much-sung Malaysia Boleh slogan.

If the Health Ministers of MCA had more sincerity in serving the people rather than the interest of their UMNO political masters, Malaysia could have measured up to the healthcare in the Lion City which by the way, is the choice of frustrated Malaysian doctors.

What we have now instead is a messy healthcare system mired in corruption and inefficiency, one that is bereft of respect for the sanctity of human life.

It is utterly clear to me that the MCA does not have the interest of Malaysians at heart.

Your office bearers like the corrupted generals of Chinese dynasties past are only there to enrich themselves and build dynasties of their own.

Do you really think Malaysians, ranking numero uno in Facebook usage would truly believe that the Cuti-cuti Malaysia Facebook page is worth RM 1.8 million?

That figure of course, pales in comparison with the RM 12.5 billion PKFZ scandal in which the central figure is none other than former MCA president Ling Liong Sik.

One of MCA’s great boasts is that of the Tunku Abdul Rahman College and University.


If MCA had successfully stood up and fought for a just and equitable higher education system, there is no need for the existence of these two college that are essentially profit-making private entities.

Far from being symbols of pride and glory, the TAR institutions are a concrete testimony to the cowardice, greed and pretense within MCA.

The DAP may not be as well endowed as MCA but at least the Rocket is not afraid to speak up when injustice and atrocities are committed by your big brother UMNO.

The deaths of Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan, Amirulrasyid and Bersih supporter Baharuddin Ahmad under suspicious circumstances demanded a unified voice of reason that transcends ethnicity and political ideology.

I hear the voices of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition loud and clear throughout, whenever our rights as Malaysian citizens are under threat and abuse.

However, it is the silence of MCA and other UMNO lackeys that are most deafening.

For this simple reason alone, it is enough to say that MCA is indeed irrelevant to the ordinary Malaysian.

In times such as these, Malaysians need heroes and warriors, not running dogs to a fascist ethnocentric regime.

Dear MCA, enjoy your seven hired beauties while you still can.

You are after all, on your deathbed.


Product of the System.
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