Friday, February 29, 2008

No Winds of Change in the Land Beneath the Winds

Despite all the hype about denying BN's two-third majority, there is hardly an opposition symbol seen around Sabah. BN's flags and banners trounce the opposition hands down. And would anyone doubt that the banners and flags were paid for using the taxpayers' money?

Election posters are put up on tombstone-like wooden stands. Bernard Dompok had left his people to be lost in poverty in Ranau to contest the parliamentary seat in Penampang. I have personally written an appeal letter to him to sponsor a portable ventilator for a yong mother of eight with Multiple Sclerosis. His reply was...a no answer. After conning the people of Ranau, he wants to now con the people of Penampang. Trust me, he'll succeed.

BN remains hugely popular here, thriving on the ignorance of the Sabah folk. Feudalism is the order of the day here. Ordinary folk dare not disagree with their supposed VIPs out of fear as the seeds of submission wihout question have been sown since young, especially by the church authorities.

The few opposition symbols that are put up are outnumbered 20 to 1. How to win? The psychological war is lost before the real battle begins. All these banners were put up by Filipinos brought around town in government vehicles that are supposed to be grounded during elections.

MCA running dogs are abundant here in Sabah. The rich Chinese are richer than the richer Bumis in Peninsular, while the poor Chinese are worse off than the poor Bumis in Peninsular. Bad enough they are unwanted citizens in Sabahland, they have to face living costs in Sabah compared to the whole of Peninsular.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kepala sama hitam, hati lain-lain...

No faith in Race and Skin Color

I don’t believe in race. Seriously I don’t.

If beauty as they say, is only skin deep, then skin color is even more shallow.

Ling Liong Sik claimed to championed the Chinese of Malaysia, spoke Mandarin and by any standards looks Chinese yet conned a whole generation of Chinese into submission as third class citizens. He accumulated wealth for himself and a coveted Tunship, while thousands and thousands of Chinese students were left without a tertiary education. In my opinion, he is more Malay than any Malay.

The same with Ong Ka Ting and Koh Tsu Koon – looks Chinese, talks Chinese but in their heart is anti-Chinese. How else to explain the fact that they kept quiet by the sidelines while UMNO morons threatened to slaughter our men and rape our ladies and shed our children’s blood?

Mother Theresa was Albanian but served the poor and homeless of India for over forty years. She was more Indian than any living Indian politician because in her heart she truly cared for the sick and hungry of India’s poorest.

Elizabeth Elliot was an American Christian evangelist whose husband was killed by the Quechua Indians in Ecuador. Instead of squandering her emotions in hatred, she invested in love and stayed on to educate the children of the Quechua Indians. For her selflessness, she was christened with a Quechuan name and was as Indian as the tribes’ own leaders.

Lim Guan Eng is a Chinese, the son of the Malaysian opposition leader. He could have slipped into his father’s shoes if he wanted to. He could have banked on his father’s reputation to be a statesman, albeit an opposition one. Instead he chose to defend the cause of a 15-year-old Malay girl whose virtue was violated by a tough-talking Malay Malaccan chief minister. He could have ignored the desperate pleas of the girl’s old and ailing grandmother. He could have chosen the easy way out but he didn’t. He chose justice and empathy and for that lost 2 years of his personal freedom defending the virtue of a Malay girl.

Joseph Pairin Kitingan is Kadazan, or so he claims. Even as the Kadazandusunmurut people of Sabah are regressing in poverty, illiteracy, tuberculosis and senseless crimes, he is dancing to the tune of UMNO’s song and feasting at the table of the very people who has gang-raped and robbed the land of Sabah for decades now. He could have lived up to his name and spoke out on Project IC. He didn’t. For that, he is less Kadazan than I am – and I am not one to begin with.

And that is why I don’t believe in finding security and solidarity through skin color.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Overheard: A Racist but True Malaysian Metaphor

The Malaysian Crabs Story

There is a basket of crabs, all ready to be sent to the cooking pot. In it are crabs of all races – Malay, Indian, Chinese and non-Malay Bumiputeras. The Chinese crabs are determined to escape their deadly end.They climb onto each other, each aiding the other to reach higher ground. One by one, they slowly and eventually reach the top of the basket and escape. The Indian crabs did likewise and started climbing, but instead of helping each other, they pulled the one above back down into the basket. Eventually, none reached the top, and the top crab itself was still stuck within the basket. The Malay crabs were non-chalant – they did nothing and waited upon UMNO to give them a hand, if and when the helping hand ever comes. The non-Malay Bumi crabs had no UMNO to help them but it’s ok, cos’ most of them do not even know they’re screwed and being sent for slaughter anyway….

After reading this, you might accuse me of being a racist. I assure you, I am not.

All non-BN-puteras Malaysians have been short-changed and cheated for long enough a time since 1957. The Chinese community knew this from the beginning of the NEP in 1970 and was vastly more determined to rise against adversities brought about by UMNO’s racist policies. They formed amongst others, Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Dong Jiao Zong to safeguard their economic and educational interests. Knowing that a Chinese in Malaysia will never receive BN handouts, the successful ones in turn returned to empower these and other associations with financial support and leadership. From young, the Chinese have been taught by their parents that if they were to succeed, they only have themselves to rely on cos’ the government will never give a hamster’s ass to your welfare and well-being. Perhaps because of this too, the Chinese community in Malaysia are probably the most kiasu and cowardly among all the other races.

They can attend church and preach about courage and the need to relieve the oppressed. They will complain about the damned BN government, attend DAP ceramahs and even make financial contributions to the opposition party. Come voting day however, they will put their crosses at the BN logo. They can even justify their actions for continuing to support a racist and corrupted regime. Their excuses range from accusing the opposition of being critics without substances to the stupid “Only BN can deliver us the goodies.” Goodies like what? Clearing clogged drains and overflowing sewage. Time and again, opposition candidates receive the parliamentary vote but lose the state seat. What kind of stupid logic is this? It’s because the Chinese community keep fearing a May 13 backlash from UMNO. It is because of their cowardly attitude that I personally think that the Chinese people are the least worth fighting for – and I am a Chinese myself.

The Indian community is the most discriminated and hated by UMNO. There’s no denying it. They have been deliberately shut out of public universities and civil service. The statistics are all there. They have become the pariah race of Malaysia after 50 years of independence, as noted by Lim Kit Siang. How can this be going on when VK Lingam is the king-maker of the judiciary, Tony Fernandez the king of the skies and Ananda Krishnan the lord of Malaysian cable television? It’s because of the Indian crab metaphor. Indians are probably the most gifted race in fields like medicine and law. There are more than enough Indians in professional fields to aid their own people. They don’t however. I should know - I work among doctors, and I can assure you that there are many Indian doctors. They’d say that the Indian plight will always be the same and nothing will change under a BN or opposition government. They can clearly identify the issues faced by the Indian race – one of which is MIC, yet will never do anything close to voting. The way I look at it, the successful Indians are the main cause of persisting doom and gloom among the Indian community. If the Indians need a revolution, the change must come among the Indian professional. Stop wasting your cash smoking and boozing for goodness sake! Channel them to your people instead.

The Malays are a group I’d be fairly cautious to comment on. Suffice to say, Malays are the most passionate about the country’s politics. If they say and proclaim to support PAS and hate UMNO, one can place 100% confidence in them to vote so in the elections, unlike some tough-talking Chinese cowards who is all talk and no action. The Malays hold the key to the country’s future, and I’m not sure if they are aware of this all-important role they’re holding. I say so because the drug-addiction, Mat Rempits, pre-marital motherhood, and many many social ills are most rampant among the privileged race of Malaysia. The more well-behaved ones prefer to toe the line and accept the minimal handouts from UMNO’s goons.

The last group is the non-Malay Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Anyone who has been among this group of people will agree that the non-Malay bumiputeras are the MOST PLEASANT among all races in Malaysia. They are also by far, the MOST IGNORANT - many thanks to 50 years of feel-good lies in the mainstream media of Barisan Neraka Nasional. Their own leaders have sold them off to be slaves and pariahs in their own land. Even Joseph Pairin Kitingan is denying the existence of Project IC when everyday, I have Filipinos and Indonesians waving new Malaysian ICs to my face.

Can Malaysia be saved? Not until we stopped behaving like damned crabs!
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We're a pathetic country when.....

we need a white man to tell us bluntly we're a screwed up nation.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dogs in a Malaysian Nutshell

Like dogs on heat, the BN politicians were frantically lobbying and jostling for seats in the run-up to nomination. Like male dogs who were unsuccessful with the bitch(es), they whined and griped but to no avail. In this dog-eat-dog world of politics, casualties are abundant and the more notable ones are Chua Soi Lek and Chan Kong Choy.

Well, nomination day has come and gone and Barisan Nasional top dog Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has unveiled yet another grandiose BN manifesto with sweet and suave promises. It’s all right - let sleeping dogs lie. Sleeping is after all very much associated with the Malaysian Prime Minister. Every dog has its day, and Badawi’s time has come and gone since assuming power in 2004. His premiership of four years will forever be tainted by the likes of Bung Mokhtar, Badruddin Amiruddin, Nazri Aziz, Mohd. Said bin Yusof and Zakaria Deros. If one lies with dogs, expect to get up with fleas.

For all the outrageous racist and anger-inciting remarks made by these shameless politicians, it was easy for Abdullah to find a stick to beat the dog. He didn’t however, and much of the people’s disappointment was in what Badawi failed to do rather than what he did in the last four years. Someone was needed for the dirty job of making sexist and racist remarks against the opposition bench. So why keep a dog and bark yourself?

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, especially when the old tricks have worked so well. Abdullah Badawi has learnt well from his predecessor to be brutal and is exploiting the media and government machinery to salvage the viability of his premiership.

While the media and armed forces are occupied with running down the opposition, missing Sharlinie, deceased Altantuya and drunk VK Lingam are immediately out of thought. It rained cats and dogs in Kota Marudu, Sabah but the floods in Maximus Ongkili’s constituency were not even reported in the major dailies.

Samy Vellu wins hands-down as the most doggone politician. Dogged by public protests and ridicule, he has the audacity to seek re-election and is undoubtedly expecting reappointment to the Malaysian jumbo cabinet. It’s obstinacy of the highest degree and that’s what we call doggedness.

The MCA and MIC politicians are best termed running dogs. Running dogs must not be mistaken for racing dogs, a very popular sport in the western world. A cowardly dog demonstrates submission and flees with its tail between its legs. The non-Malay communities were looking towards MCA/MIC for a hint of disapproval and disagreement over the demolition of Hindu temples, the threats of bloodshed at the UMNO general assembly and the kidnapping of non-Muslim remains. Instead, the MCA/MIC top dogs remained silent and submissive, unwilling to risk losing their worldly wealth. Among these MCA/MIC politicians however, are clusters of lapdogs – physically-pleasant personalities not capable of guarding the house and giving out a bark.

All of the opposition is best labeled as underdogs and I hope PAS will take no offence in this harmless animal idiom. With all of the government’s machinery stacked against them and so much cheating aided by the not-meant-to-be-independent Election Commisions, it is the typical David vs Goliath scenario. Our opposition can be further divided into subtypes of underdogs. These include the search-and-rescue dog in Karpal Singh providing free legal counsel and seeking justice for the truly needy as well as grizzly watchdogs in the likes of Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua.

The opposition parties are not perfect themselves. In a typical case of the tail wagging the dog, they were jostling for seats and negotiating positions when they didn’t even have enough candidates to begin with for contest in Sabah and Sarawak. Nevertheless, I give my fullest respect to the opposition candidates for contesting in so many areas where they do not stand a dog’s chance against BN’s money politics and loyal Filipino voters.

How many gullible Malaysians in 2008 will fall prey to the tail-wagging dogs from the Barisan Nasional? Will they be conned by the dog and phony pony show perpetually on their television screens?

Life goes on even after a BN victory. The hustle and bustle in the rural townhoods will once again be simple dog days, at least for the next five years. The dust will settle and the election heat will fade away – not unlike the grandiose promises made by the Abdullah Badawi.

As for the rest of us, we’ll resume our dog’s life existence – toiling and slogging to support the feudal warlords of Malaysia, as this lovely country is slowly gone to the dogs – running dogs, that is.
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Unveiling...The BN Manifesto

I’d like to believe in the person called Pak Lah,
Who appeared humble and loyal to Allah,
He once declared that he had big ears,
But all he had were four wasted years,
I’d like to believe he cares about inflation,
Urban poverty and racial discrimination,
How can I, when he goes on vacation,
When half of Johor is inundation?
He could have reprimanded Keris Hashimuddin,
Or hang upside down that racist Badruddin,
Instead he pretended that nothing happened,
No taunts, no threats, no wielded weapon,
He perpetuated the evil called Project IC,
Buat tak tahu with no eyes to see,
All his rhetoric about peace and NEP,
Stink to high skies much worse than rat pee,
So I don’t believe in his ministerial value,
In Najib, Kayveas or Sammy Vellu,
He retained for cabinet that Rafidah Aziz,
And also that racist called Nazri the Nazi,
So how to believe in Abdullah Badawi?
He snatches dead bodies with Islam Hadhari!
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

3 Personality Traits I Love to Hate


This is perhaps the kind of people I truly despise the most. We’ve had met people who complain about their lives yet take no action to make things better. These are the folks we call whiners. No one likes a whiner. But whiners whine and sometimes their whining echo through space and time and very occasionally land on a listening ear with the guts to act. Therefore, their whining is not all for naught. A great example of the great whiners of Malaysia is the Chinese people, of which I am one myself. I hate whiners just like many other folks, but there is one personality trait that is worse and lower than whiners. These are the cowards. These are the people who whine only when no authority can hear them, for fear of being dragged out of their homes kicking and screaming to the police lock-up. Cowards have an unreasonable fear for anything with the slightest degree of power or the appearance of having such. They have a skewed perception of what is acceptable and what is not. When you start a casual conversation about religion and race and simple realities of life, they’d sweat in their pants and start looking everywhere for that supposed plainclothed ISA and Special Branch officer. If you don’t stop after ten seconds, they’d quickly hush you up and pretend they don’t know you. Cowards can be your closest friend one minute and a total stranger the next, especially when uncomfortable truths are brought out for discussion. Cowards are not people with low slef-esteem. In fact, it is very much the opposite. Cowards have an elevated sense of self-importance. They think that they deserved all that they have achieved today, without any sense of gratitude to the people that have assisted them along the way. Cowards think that the whole world is interested in what they are wearing, saying and doing. For that reason, they forbid anything ‘sensitive’ or ‘controversial’ to be discussed in public. They even have a unique and erroneous perception of what is sensitive and controversial. Cowards may go quite far along in life due to their extreme cautiousness and paranoia. As they progressed however, their cowardice increases and makes them all the more despicable.


Call them liars or smooth-talkers, conmen or frauds, hypocrites or phonies. There is no better term for such personalities apart from the blunt ‘bull shitters’. They are found in every profession and not just politics and religion. The phony preacher and the big-talking politician are in a basket to their own. They say things the gullible believer and naïve voter desire to hear but at then end of the day does little damage except for the swindling of differing sums of money. Preachers and politicians are but the most novice of liars because people see them through but still choose to buy their words. The second basket of bull crappers are typified by the smooth-talking salesperson and fact-twisting lawyer. You don’t know you’re being conned until you’ve bought the product or insurance or car or ended up behind bars because your loud-talking, chest-thumping attorney was in cohorts with the opposite party. By the time you know it and before you can utter the F word and swear at their mothers, they are beyond your grasp with a 60-foot pole. You end up feeling like a loser – all sore and stupid for swallowing their every word. The top class of liars in my arbitrary classification is formed by the politically-correct diplomat, the flattering playboy, and the Sabah state neurosurgeon. The diplomat tells you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip. The ugly-looking, hispid Casanova screws around, gathers some STDs and then shares some of it with you. Instead of hating him, one falls deeper in love. Lastly, the self-proclaimed India-trained neurosurgeon will see your CT scan and says you have a very operable brain tumor when it is fact an arteriovenous malformation. He promises a rosy future and a super favorable outcome then proceeds to mess up your brain. You end up bed-ridden, as mobile as cow dung in a den of dung bettles. You can’t thank him at all cos you’re on a tracheostomy and a feeding tube. Your family will however, in so much gratitude that your younger sister is sleeping with the neurosurgeon’s hairy chested lover-boy apprentice. Bull-shitters – they’re everywhere.

Ass-kissers: Enough said. Some also lick and smell, though.
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

How to Vote, Who to choose....

If you see dacing and a banana, vote the banana....

If you see dacing and rocket, vote rocket....

If you see the dacing and bulan sabit, vote bulan sabit....

If you see the dacing and bulan, vote bulan....

If you see dacing and foul-smelling dog poo, vote Mr. Poo. At least it won't run off like the running dogs in MCA.

Original picture taken from
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Allah, Christians, and BN Politics....

”Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.” Isaiah 1:17, King James Bible

Such were the verses in the King James Bible – a commandment so clear and specific it’s within the comprehension of any individual. In the wake of recent and significant events –the Lina Joy verdict, the HINDRAF rally, corpse-kidnapping, and Najib Razak’s declaration that Malaysia had all along been an Islamic state, I have been utterly disappointed at the meek responses of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) and Council of Churches Malaysia (CCM).

Making a stand and Acting on It

At a time when individuals of all echelons of society are stepping out of their comfort zones to make a stand for social justice and absolute truth, many churches especially the politically-connected ones are shying away from facing the bitter truth about the direction Malaysia has taken in the last few years. Apart from a few well-worded, politically correct media statements on issues affecting Christians and non-Muslims, I see no concrete action on the part of the NECF and CCM.

Instead of being blunt and honest like Jesus was to the Pharisees of his time, Christian leaders are seemingly inundating believers with selective good news and lame reassurances that all is well in an ailing nation. Even as rose-bearing Hindraf children are courageously facing the water cannons of UMNO, the Christian and church leaders have hitherto remained strangely silent. It is in total contradiction to the Bible’s commandment for believers to ‘seek judgement for the oppressed’.

In general, Christian leaders have behaved as though the religious discrimination endured by our Hindu brethren bear no relevance to the present or future survival of the Christian community. Was it not spoken by Jesus in Matthew 25:40 that “Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me”?

Partakers of the BN regime

A quick review of NECF’s and CCM’s responses to significant Malaysian issues will show a dismay track record.

At the height of public anger towards the keris-wielding frenzy at UMNO’s 2006 Annual General Assembly, the NECF “lauds Umno President Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for his firm and assuring statements made while delivering his presidential address”, instead of rebuking UMNO’s threat of violence and slaughter upon the non-Malays.

When a memorandum to the Prime Minister calling for a review of laws affecting non-Muslims was withdrawn by the non-Muslim ministers, the Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism deemed it as a “redemptive and reconciliatory act” – as though non-Muslims were at any fault trying to seek justice.

The Council of Churches Malaysia does not perform any better. In an obvious reference to Islam Hadhari, the CCM website describes Malaysia as a “nation where progressive and modern Islamic democracyis at work” and laments the fact that PAS “was able to retain its power on Kelantan after a marginal victory at the 2004 general elections”. Personally, I’d prefer the Council of Churches to openly declare its support to the BN regime rather than subtly incite hatred towards the PAS government.

In the Nov/Dec 2007 Berita NECF, the federation effectively condemns the Hindraf and Bersih rally, describing them as illegal gatherings that have caused massive traffic jams and inconvenience to the rakyat. In the same edition too, the NECF proudly publishes a dialogue session with the MCA.

Such politically-savvy moves are not limited to the NECF leadership. They trickle down to the individual churches as well.

A popular “Reverend Datuk Dr” pastor of a mega-church in Damansara Indah with close affiliation to Gerakan read a letter sent to the church by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi instead of preaching from the Bible. Has God’s word taken backseat to the dictation of worldly political masters? The pastor of another church in Seapark once led the congregation in prayer prior to an UMNO-vs-PAS in the Pengkalan Pasir by-election, asking in the name of Jesus for PAS to be defeated.

In recent times, the CCM seems to have taken a different stance in the wake of corpse-snatching and bible-confiscating incidents. Nevertheless, they are still afraid to ruffle the feathers of BN politicians by openly declaring support for more reasonable and sensible voices in the opposition parties. Instead of proclaiming their specific stand in the coming general elections, the CCM decrees a vague and ill-defined message to “Vote Wisely” at a time when the majority of the Malaysian population gains “wisdom” from BN-controlled mainstream media.

The failure of church leaders to make a clear and well-defined stand in this crucial general election is ultimately aiding the Barisan Nasional to perpetuate the politics of division, corruption and discrimination.

Selective Application of Bible verses

The NECF has been conveniently selective in quoting bible verses. In pre-election March 2004, the NECF’s media statement quoted Romans 13 and advised believers to maintain a “rightful relationship with the authorities”, equating such a greased relationship to an “open door”. It is an open endorsement of the existing BN regime and a subtle decree to Christians to continue voting a regime specialized in racial polarization and religious discrimination.

On another note, in a vain attempt to placate Christians with righteous anger at the degree of ill-gotten wealth among the BN politicians, church leaders be it pastors, priests, elders, ministers cite bible verses reminding the congregation that “blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. To justify poverty as a result of rampant corruption, Christ’s words that “the poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me” come in handy. To mitigate themselves from their failure to rise against corrupted and big bully politicians, church leaders state that vengeance is the Lord’s, not ours.

The Need for Change

The Holy Bible contains thousands of others verses beseeching the believer to pay more than lip service.

In recent times, there have been but few vocal Christian personalities, with the exception of Father O.C Lim of St Xavier’s Church, Petaling Jaya. As a Christian, I am searching for Christian leaders in the likes of biblical characters like Moses, Daniel, Nehemiah, Esther and Ruth – personalities who stepped out of their comfort zones to take a stand for righteousness and justice.

Instead I am seeing plentiful of Balaams and Jonahs – characters who speak what the powers-that-be desire to hear and quasi-leaders who speak up only when they had no other options.

These are merely my personal thoughts and experiences, not necessarily gospel truth. Nevertheless, he that hath ears, let him hear.
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What is the BN culture?

Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Dr Rais Yatim said: "Nowadays, not only the bloggers are having a mental block (disturbed) but the PAS' spiritual leader's mind too is blocked (unstable) when he equated Umno members to orang utan…..this is not BN culture. I suggest that they attend courses on good manners as good manners is Malaysian culture."

Nazri Aziz: “Racist! Racist! … Mau bagi itu 500 India! ..Perkauman punya ahli parlimen!”

Hishamuddin Hussein, Pemuda UMNO President: “Lee Kuan Yew is in state of “nyanyuk” for describing southern Johor as a crime-infested area.”

Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin: “The public should be wise in identifying the websites of goblok (Indonesian slang for “stupid”) bloggers…”

Khairy Jamaluddin, Son-in-Law: “Action must be taken so that the monkeys behave…..”
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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Boiled Frog Syndrome

The adage goes that if a frog is placed in a pot of boiling water, it would immediately jump out to avoid death. Conversely, if the frog is placed in cool and pleasant water and slowly heated, it would swim merrily in the increasingly warm water until it is too late to escape and is eventually cooked.
In practice, the above metaphor is factually erroneous. The wisdom contained within it however, is not. Complacent Malaysians may one day awake to a very different melting pot, one very unlike 1957’s.

From PAS’s Islamic State manifesto to UMNO’s Islam Hadhari, the climate of Malaysia over the years has slowly but definitely, veered towards religiousity – one that regrettably centers on form and surface rather than substance and value.

If our five senses are a reliable gauge and comprehension of the real world, humans would have no need for the use of microscopes and would therefore be in denial of the presence of harmful microorganisms. Similarly, certain pious religious folks seem to believe that sexual crimes and all of society’s problems would cease to exist if Malaysians dress and behave according to the totalitarian dictation of a single dominant theology.

Such a state of society, if possible to begin with, serves only to appease the internal turmoil faced by these post-modern Pharisees in denial of events taking place “behind the scenes”. The truth is, there is more than meets the eye and external appearance and conduct are rarely reflective of the person’s character and heart’s content.

Despite much external-oriented efforts and laws, there is hardly any evidence that tudungs, skull caps and the male-female segregation efforts are reducing rape, incest, and the transmission of HIV in the states of UMNO-led Terengganu and PAS-led Kelantan. Statistics show that sexual crimes and HIV remain pervasive over the years.
Trivial issues of morality like attire and public display of affection seem to have surpassed other more acute and threatening events. I can’t prove it, but my guess is that hugs and kisses do not carry the same consequences as do chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer, both of which are too prevalent in the Malaysian population. A holier-than-thou attitude would also not address the issues of uncontrolled environmental pollution or increasing poverty in the light of sky-rocketing inflation. Neither would self-righteousness produce employable graduates and world-class universities.

Certain narcissistic Malaysians seem to have their priorities sincerely wrong, being obsessed on the topic of female attire and the behavior of “infidels”. Either that or they are well distracted by UMNO’s attempt to sidetrack a multi-ethnic society from issues like widespread corruption, spiraling crime rate and the rise of China’s economy.

If indeed some quarters feel compelled to fan the flame of public morality, these self-appointed custodians of conduct should first take a stroll along Jalan Chow Kit and Bukit Bintang tonight, and see for themselves the unveiled faces of intravenous drug abuse and brazen prostitution and pimping.

I plead with all “indecent” Malaysians – those who embrace and hold hands, to stand up and be heard, lest we end up in the Boiled Frog Syndrome.
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A Cheeky Poem in 2004.....a Bitter Reality today.

“I Am A UM Student”

Haven’t read much of journals in recent,
Please pardon me – I am a UM student,
I don’t care much about disease aetiology,
All I worry is the Epidemiology,

I’d get stumped if you asked about M.I,
Better you ask me about Klang’s A.P.I,
Ain’t it scary I’m unclear ‘bout risk factors?
Yet without effort can control the Vectors?

I don’t know the symptoms, I can’t recall the signs,
But teach me Pollution, and about House Designs,
I know not management cos’ I know not my drugs,
But boy can I brief you in the treatment of Sludge,

What’s cinnarazine, and what’s loratidine?
I can’t really explain – some new Pit Latrine?
No, I haven’t heard of Prozac and Zocor,
It’s the Food Quality that we need to control,

Test me on ECGs, but I can hardly reply,
But show me the Water, and I’ll trace the Supply,
So the heck with CTs and X-Rays also,
The in-thing now is that of Waste Disposal

In less than 2 years, I would be a H.O,
I’ll impress my consultant with all that I know....


The above poem was written back as a medical student as a silent objection to what i perceived as misplaced priorities in our medical syllabus. At a time when we were first exposed to clinical medicine, the Faculty was impressing upon us that Public Health was much more important. This was reflected in the undue weightage accorded to Public Health in our professional exams. There was little emphasis on practical medicine - clinical pharmacology, for example. As a result, I am now seeing house officers and fellow medical officers administering potent medications they have no inkling about.

Oh how the great have fallen. From a world-quality university in 1970s, Universiti Malaya is now but a pale shadow of her former self. Undone by the racist NEP and very much by its own vanity, Universiti Malaya is irreparable - at least not under a BN government.
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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kera di hutan disusukan....Anak di rumah mati kelaparan

Images of Project IC aka Project M (click on images for larger view)

Filipinos are accorded an official place of trade aptly known as the Filipino market.....while our local Kadazandusun hawkers trade literally as unlicensed squatters on a pedestrian bridge. As Project IC Filipinos while their days away peddling smuggled tobacco…..a local Sabahan is drenched with sweat collecting trash and pulling a rickshaw. Filipino villages spread like wild fire across the whole of Sabah, polluting our water sources with human and domestic waste. They enjoy free utilities via illegal water and power connections and lay claims to lands belonging to indigenous folks.…while a local Sabahan make home out of a sewage treatment plant. As a new generation of young Filipinos is raised on a life of petty crime, a whole generation of Kadazandusunmurut is condemned to poverty and ignorance. Read more!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Birds of a feather.......

• Nazism: Anti-parliamentarism, Ethnic nationalism, Racism, Fascism,
• Communism: Militarism, Suppression of free speech, State-owned media
• Barisan Nasional: All of the above and more.
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Lies, Damn Lies and The Lying Liars That Tell Them....

Pak Lah, Feb 12th: No Dissolution of Parliament tomorrow. Pak Liar, Feb 13th: Parliament Dissolved todya. Read more!

Flashback: Reflections on UMNO General Assembly: An Ode to UMNOputras

A Tribute To UMNOputras

Gaya here, mengamok there,
UMNOputras’ truth or dare,
Yet another UMNO AGM,
Though this year without Dr. M,
Same stale issues year in and year out,
When one is desperate, just howl out loud,
Dress in splendor – try to be glocal,
Only to end up sounding like a joker,

Curse the British and threaten the Chinese,
Blame’em for everything even your rhinitis,
Spreading the gospel of bitter self-pity,
Teaching generations the victim mentality,

Scream for bangsa, yell for ugama,
Shanghai the masses with melodrama,
Dulu, kini, dan selama-lama,
No tenders or contracts just badger mama,

Belittle Anwar and downplay PAS,
After much hoo-ha still mismanage MAS,
Adore Hezbollah and condemn the D.A.P,
Bellow for Proton then sell an A.P,

While UMNOputras prance onstage like ape,
Daily we’re gored by the murder and rape,
Families are shattered and lives are torn,
As Hishamuddin sounds his battle horn,

As young Malays get high on syabu,
Your efforts are merely to bodek and ampu,
Sokong KJ, sokong Pak Lah!
The heck with issues like incest and dadah,

Our graduates know much the escapades of Mawi,
And almost everything about the marriage of Siti,
Then when unemployed they’ll ask for some pity,
Spoilt like a brat with years of N.E.P,

Our sick and poor get no decent meals,
While Datuks grow fat with close-one-eye deals,
Economic crisis and you blame orang asing,
Yet can go space to spin a gasing,

This state is corrupted let’s not deny it,
Mere rhetoric is something we don’t need,
Unwielding the keris won’t slay the iblis,
Who’s Kasitah Gaddam? – an ikan bilis!

Shooing away Muthu and Ah Wah,
Welcoming Indons to the land of Sabah,
Sold out the nation through Project I.C,
And ordained Sabah the haven of HIV,

Quit making non-Ms the sacrificial lamb,
The greatest treason is still Project M,
Shut the nonsense of bermandi darah,
This nation was built through kerjasama,

Snubbing the rise of China and India,
We’re losing out fast to the rest of Asia,
Ignorance is bliss in the land of Malaysia,
No pain or suffering in Istana Zakaria,

Come next year in the season of sandiwara,
The fascism, bigotry and bla bla bla,
Do thick twice that act of a wira,
Cos investors shake head and bergelak ketawa,

As for me, a lowly non-bumi,
The signs are there that I have to hurry,
To leave a country that’s increasingly hazy,
Defiled by the filth of UMNO’s insanity.
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Stories for Abdullah Badawi and Khairy (2006 Merdeka Article)

Stories for Pak Lah and Khairy - Selamat Hari Kebangsaan!

For Khairy:
A 46-year-old Dewan Bandaraya worker was admitted for progressive, generalized weakness associated with a disfiguring rash. Unable even to swallow her own saliva, nasogastric feeding was started on complete nutrition formula milk. As investigations were carried out and a diagnosis was clinched, she developed severe hospital-acquired pneumonia which scarred her lungs extensively. Due to a severe shortage of beds, the patient was discharged prematurely though still unable to swallow, walk or brush her teeth. Her husband was told that the family would have to buy the milk on their own, estimated to cost RM 60 per tin, which should last about a week. A low-ranked civil servant, he pleaded for goodwill to prevail, that the milk be provided free as they were already unable to cope with the increasing cost of living. He was told however, that he would have to go through the social welfare, the process of application of which would take some time. In the meantime however, they would have to go home empty handed. Bed-ridden and disfigured, too weak to enter their humble, rented shophouse home, she was discharged without her only source of nutrition.

For Pak Lah:
A 39-year-old mother of six young children presents with severe pneumonia secondary to multiple sclerosis. Paralysed from the neck down, she had Grade III bed sores from prolonged immobilization. Her chests were hardly expanding due to diaphragmatic fatigue. The doctor-in-charge started antibiotics but immediately pronounced DNR– do not resuscitate. It simply means that artificial ventilation was not to be undertaken should her condition deteriorate. One reason behind this rationale was due to the severe shortage of ventilators in the hospital. The family was advised to purchase an oxygen tank of their own and to buy a special mattress to prevent further bed sores. At the mention of the amount, the patient’s husband, a lowly roadside hawker, reacted in shock as there was no way they could ever afford to pay. Referral to social welfare was made, but due to “limited funds”, their appeal was rejected. One month and a half later, she lies there still in the ward - too sick to go home, and too poor to get better. Too tired to continue fighting an incurable illness and too weak to express herself in full, she mustered her remaining strength and uttered, “Biar saya mati” which in a sense, we are – because of a supposed lack of funds in an oil-rich nation.

I can’t imagine what goes through the minds of faceless Malaysians when Abdullah Badawi declares prosperity and justice for Malaysians great and small. We have families too poor to take a bus ride from back to their kampong and politicians who throw tantrums in public because they were only offered “some useless cars” from the Customs Department. Our special schools for special children are miserably pathetic yet the ruling feudal lords feel that a RM 490 million sports academy is of greater urgency. Our teachers, lecturers, and healthcare workers are overworked, understaffed and underpaid but we somehow have RM 600 million annually to spend on the great Malaysian summer camp a.k.a National Service. Even as the monkeys in UMNO brandish their keris and sound the battle cry annually, snatch thieves wield their daggers and rob the lives of innocent Malaysians on a daily basis. We have UMNO Youth parading on the streets proclaiming support for Hamas and Hizbollah, but no one to champion the plight of the pak cik debilitated from stroke and cancer. Our cops arrest couples for holding hands in public and raid the premises of sincere, dissenting voices but “close one eye” when BN warlords ignore their traffic summonses or flame racial and religious sentiments in mainstream media.

As I sit here wishing to do and earn more as a government doctor, something tells me that a young man my age is wishing to have more than a RM 9.1 million and to be more than the Prime Minister’s son-in-law. Somewhere else, however, I am reminded of a lady yearning to sweep the filthy streets of Kuala Lumpur like she used to and another who would do anything just to breathe on her own, even if the air is hazy.

Selamat Hari Kebangsaan ke-49, saudara Pak Lah dan Khairy.
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Flashback: 2005 Merdeka Article (Malaysiakini)

Stories for My Fellow Citizens
Story 1:
A 15-year-old boy was brought to the hospital with a one-day history of refractory generalized seizures. He was previously a bright, healthy teenager. At the age of 13 years, he complained of a three-day history of high grade fever, chills and rigors. The attending doctor at a clinic misdiagnosed him with a viral respiratory tract infection. He was sent home with symptomatic treatment only. Two days later, he fell into a comatose state and was brought to the hospital. After the necessary investigations, the final diagnosis was bacterial meningitis. By this time, he had developed severe irreversible brain damage. Ever since, he has been in and out of hospitals for recurrent epilepsy secondary to the brain infection. At present, he is permanently mentally retarded, being unable to recognize his own parents, unable to speak and comprehend the spoken language. He is totally dependent on his caretakers for feeding, dressing and personal cleaning. He is the only child in the family. His father, a 61-year-old taxi driver was recently diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, an irreversible heart condition that ultimately results in progressive heart failure if uncontrolled. Despite repeated appeals, he had been unable to secure his own taxi permit. Each month, after paying off the rental charges of his kereta sewa and the costly medications for his son and himself, he barely earns enough to feed his family. The last time I saw the boy, he was lying in bed, staring blankly into mid-air, saliva drooping in a steady stream from the corner of his lips, wetting his hospital gown and bed extensively. The last time I spoke to the older man, he cried - helplessly.

Story 2:
An 11-year-old boy with Down Syndrome was wheeled into the Accident and Emergency at 3 am for alleged overdose of sleeping pills. The necessary medical procedures were carried out. Thereafter, bits of the story began to unfold. His mother had passed away about 3 months ago from Aspiration Pneumonia due to complications of Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative neurological illness that leaves the sufferer paralysed and incontinent. Despite being progressively paralysed from the neck down over ten long years, the boy’s mother had been his pillar of emotional support. Her unexpected demise had apparently taken a heavy toll on him. His older siblings were studying for their upcoming STPM examinations and thus, were unable to keep him company the way his mother used to. That night, he was assumingly lonely when he ingested 7 tablets of diazepam, a benzodiazepine sedative belonging to his father. His 50-year-old father had had difficulty falling asleep ever since his wife was diagnosed with the illness 10 years ago. The patient’s siblings reported that the father had used up much of the family’s savings on medical expenses over those 10 years and had mortgaged the family’s home. In the ward, the patient was observed overnight, and was discharged without any complications. The last I heard from the patient, his sister is a successful speech therapist, two other siblings are medical doctors. All had passed their STPM with excellent results - without an inch of assistance from a ruthless and discriminative government.

Having spoken to so many patients and their families, the above stories are just two of the many I have heard. These are the tales of lowly Malaysians whose well-being will never be championed by the current ruling party. These are the plight of simple, honest people whose voices will never be heard under a corrupted regime. These are the Malaysians whose needs are incomprehensible to those in the corridors of power. These are the diligent citizens of the land whose primary concern is to make ends meet in the face of overwhelming and tumultuous adversities.

It is downright indecent that while thousands of Malaysians are languishing in poverty and sicknesses, one Chief Minister accumulated over a million ringgit in gambling debts while another caught red-handed with a briefcase of Australian dollars. It is blatant imprudent financial management when we erect white elephants costing billions of ringgit while offering a mere RM 180 of social welfare per month for families in need. The NEP or NNA will never be justified when rural folks continue to linger in poverty while AP Kings and BN cronies continue to monopolize the wealth and potential of the land called Malaysia. While Malaysians of all ethnicities, religion and culture are suffering from the physical and social impact of chronic debilitating illnesses, the BN politicians are still stuck in the pre-Merdeka mentality of racial politics, to the extend of wielding a keris on national television to achieve personal political gains.

Come August 31st, the Prime Minister will inexorably read from a well-worded speech, courtesy of his panel of brilliant speech writers. He would make grandiose proclamations of unbiased equality across the races, and pledge promises of transparency and efficiency. He would paint the country a picture of excellence and glory with assurance of continued financial growth and economic development. Inevitably, gullible Malaysians would once again be duped by well-phrased slogans, thanks to a government-controlled media. Yet, for one man, August 31st is just another day of driving a rented taxi in the heart of Kuala Lumpur to support his only son with post-infectious epilepsy.

“The true measure of progress is not how much we add unto those who already have, but how much we give unto those who have not.” Theodore Roosevelt (1858 - 1919)
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Our Pathetic Healthcare (Malaysiakini Article 2007)

Once upon a long time ago, I vowed as a naïve medical student to serve fellow Malaysians with my utmost sincerity. Despite much disappointment with the mediocrity of our local university, I was determined to repay the rakyat for the subsidy they have provided me with. It has finally dawned on me that it is practically impossible to provide optimum healthcare in a pathetic healthcare system like Malaysia’s.

Indeed, ours is a system that is flawed at its very roots, and top.

An Obsession of Vanity
The shortcomings of Malaysia’s healthcare are anything but oblivious to the Ministry of Health.

Instead of putting in concrete efforts to overcome simple problems with simple solutions, the MOH has instead chosen to busy itself with efforts of vanity and exhibitionism. Penning a rosy Piagam Pelanggan and a lofty “misi dan visi” for every single sub-department will not translate into better services. Putting our healthcare personnel through time-wasting, brain-washing Kursus Induksi, Biro Tatanegara (BTN) and Penilaian Tahap Kecemerlangan (PTK) programs will not produce more skillful and knowledgeable staff. Holding weekly perhimpunan pagi hospital and singing patriotic-sounding songs will not miraculously make anyone serve their fellow Malaysians with greater commitment and efficiency. Forcing our doctors to don bacterial-laden white coats and equally lethal neck ties is the perfect example of style without substance. Seeking and attaining MS ISO accreditation is far from reflective of the quality of services our patients are receiving. These fanciful so-called recognitions have instead added unnecessary red tape and rigidity to a clumsy, obese system already burdened and bloated with excessive bureaucracy and paperwork.

The MOH’s misplaced obsession with ISO recognition and protocol is holding everybody back – doctors, nurses, lab technicians, radiographers and everyone else trying to fulfill their duties in a system that frustrates.

While healthcare in much of the rest of the modern world is cruising ahead, Malaysia’s is so very wedged in the medieval ages, with no signs of any prospective improvements under a greedy government more concerned about serving the interests of its cronies in the money-loaded field of medicine.

Arrested in Medieval Ages

The typical government hospital has no computer networking system to store and track patients’ records and investigation results and. When a patient is readmitted, there is no inkling what was done in the previous admission. Crucial investigation results are rarely returned to the respective patients’ notes. Almost everything is traced by phone in an age when people across the globe are downloading music, movies and any form of data at the click of a mouse. Doctors and nurses are kept crazily busy tracing investigations taken weeks and months ago, instead of seeing and attending to patients like they were trained for. Elsewhere in the medical laboratory, lab technicians are answering relentless phone calls from their clinical colleagues stationed throughout the hospital instead of performing chemical tests and analyzing specimens like they were trained for. Sending specimens and collecting results are all done by foot, resulting in senseless delays in a field that requires a constant sense of exigency.

At a time and age where information transfer has never been much easier, our doctors, nurses and hospital attendants are still scurrying about like messenger pigeons chasing after scraps of paper that could be anywhere in a hospital of 600 beds.

Consequently, a simple two-minute test like a full blood count can be delayed up to hours. Receiving its results can take an eternity. Not uncommonly, some important investigations can never be successfully traced which in bulk, translates to wasted millions as tests are repeated merely because the first ones were nowhere to be found. All that is needed to address this crippling deficiency is a cheap, simple networking system any computer-savvy secondary school kid is capable of setting up.

Time is golden they say, and this is particularly true in cancer, where the difference between a week and a month may mean the difference between survival, morbidity and death. The histopathology services in our government system squirm along at a sluggish pace. It is totally not uncommon for one to wait months for a tissue diagnosis of a suspected malignancy, by the time which the cancer would probably have metastasized. Occasionally and not surprisingly, diagnostic reports disappear altogether, leaving the patient without a final diagnosis.

Frustrated with this gaping weakness of our healthcare system, most doctors choose instead to convince patients to perform their tests in private laboratories and hospitals - at a costly sum, needless to say. The patients’ loss is the cronies’ gain, as friends of BN in healthcare businesses stroll gleefully on their way to the bank.

Medical wards or refugees camps?

Fifty years of merdeka and liberation from colonialists yet our medical wards are still very much like overrun, pre-war, post-disaster,refugee camps. Sixty patients with a spectrum of ailments are packed like solid popiah into a single ward no larger than a badminton court.

The immunocompromised HIV patient lies beside the old man with active tuberculosis who, coughing towards the immunosuppressed cancer patient on chemotherapy just opposite his bed. There is hardly any observation of barrier nursing or isolation. It is far from surprising that our ill patients are succumbing to multiple infections.

There is zero room for privacy in the typical general ward. Screens are scarce and often impossible in an overcrowded ward. Clinical procedures are performed in full view of other patients and relatives, putting the patient through untold embarrassment and loss of confidentiality. Unless the Health Minister desires to undergo a digital rectal examination with a strong, curious audience of 60, there is no reason why our mothers and fathers should be put through such ordeals.

The general appearance of our wards is a shame. Rusty beds with broken wheels, faulty drip stands held in place by cheap plaster, blinking fluorescent lamps, and noisy mini-wall fans are the norm of the day and make good for a scene in Dark Water. Our febrile elderly patients become dehydrated, and literally fry in the seething heat that epitomizes the current state of our hospitals. Septic patients with high fever, chills and rigors waste away in crammy, stuffy, noisy general wards, while the crooks they elected as representatives recuperate from a simple ankle sprain in spacious, air-conditioned single bedded rooms, oblivious to the sufferings of the simple-minded folk who put them in power in the very first place.

As BN-putras plunder the nation even as one is reading this article, ill and sick Malaysians are wasting away in shoddy wards so deficient in so many aspects. ECG machines so crucial in diagnosing acute cardiac events are sometimes shared between two wards of 80 patients. In times of emergencies, doctors and nurses run helter skelter hunting for elusive ECGs, pulse oximetries, ventilatory bags, oxygen tanks, arterial blood gas machines and heck, even blood pressure sets. Not uncommonly, life-saving intubation sets are incomplete or faulty and cardiac monitors are so ancient that the readings cannot possibly be taken seriously.

Our patients wait months to undergo CT scans, ultrasounds and MRIs. Ineveitably, some patients meet their Maker way before their appointment date. In one large state in East Malaysia, there are merely two CT scans to serve 2 million people, one of which is low-grade and substandard. With the rise in vascular diseases, most government hospitals still do not offer CT angiography. In an oil-rich nation, is this beyond our means?

In our existing miserable state, doctors, nurses and attendants do not even have working counters of their own and are instead wrestling for limited space to do the ridiculous paperwork bestowed upon them, in stark contrast to the posh, cooling office that the Minister sits in.

Pitiable Corrective Measures

Some hospitals, in a vain attempt to deal with the overcrowded wards, transfer “stable” patients to so-called extension wards which are commonly separated from the main hospital. Not infrequently, these supposedly stable patients deteriorate and require urgent intervention – elusive help which would not arrive as there is usually no resident doctor on-call in these peripheral units located far away from the main hospital building. Many needless deaths occur due to delayed help in these “recovery units” and “extension wards”.

Our clinics are not any better, if not worse. With the massive wealth of Tanah Melayu, it is beyond belief that most of our wards and clinics are not equipped with a computer and printer. Referral letters are hand-written, resulting in unquantifiable confusion, communication errors and disastrous consequences. Specimen tubes have to be labeled manually instead of cheap and convenient printed stickers. Up to five patients undergo consultations simultaneously in a room no bigger than Proton Perdana.

Malaysia boleh?

Emergencies Bereft of Urgency

Government ambulance services are reasonably renowned by now – for the wrong reasons. While the public may decry the unnecessary deaths of Mohd Yusry and Yusnita Abas due to alleged ambulance delay, much more nonsense does not reach public knowledge. Poorly equipped to begin with, most of our ambulances serve as nothing more than a modified human transporter, with no inbuilt oxygenation, no ready supply of emergency drugs, no intubation sets, no communication services save for the driver’s handphone. Patients’ running out of oxygen supply during an ambulance ride is a daily occurence. Essentially, our ambulances serve only to transport an ill patient from one place to another in the shortest time possible. Whatever happens in along the way is solely left to God, and beyond the control of any medical personnel, who has few tools to work with.

The sad state of our ambulance services is seen beyond emergencies. In many rural districts, ambulances serve as perhaps the only form of transport for poor patients to travel to a general hospital. Our ambulances fail miserably even in this undemanding task. Recovering patients end up stranded for weeks awaiting ambulances from the district hospitals to send them home to their anxious families. Ward beds are occupied unnecessarily. Some patients waited so long that by the time an ambulance is actually available, they developed severe hospital-acquired infections due to an unnecessarily prolonged stay in the ward.

Here in Malaysia, the field of emergency medicine is one that lacks a sense of urgency. Uncannily however, such lackadaisical attitude is cleverly hidden during buy-elections - by-elections, I mean.

Unsupportive Support Services

Our sad state stretches far beyond the clinical scenario. Our hospital support services are equally, if not more pathetic. Faulty elevators lie in ruins, unrepaired for months, causing delay in almost everything and to everyone. The elderly lady with severe osteoarthritis is forced to walk up seven flights of stairs to visit her ailing husband. Is this humane? Far from it. Urgent phone calls lose their very adjective as doctors wait ten minutes for calls to be answered and a further ten minutes as operators flip through prehistoric, dog-eared antique phone books instead of an ultra-convenient computerized directory. What could have been achieved in minutes and seconds take hours and days instead. Replacing a burnt bulb takes a mere four minutes but getting the personnel to actually do so may take up to four months. So much for privatization of hospital support services.

What is needed, What is not

Improvements to our healthcare do not require fanciful slogans so characteristic of the Badawi administration. We do not need more time-wasting, money-consuming kursus or more standard operating procedures (S.O.P) that make everything so rigid and methodical. As it is, everything is already moving at snail pace. With that statement, I am of course guilty of insulting the snail.

We need wisdom and sincerity if we are to improve our healthcare. Both unfortunately, are not synonymous with the Barisan Nasional regime.
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Flashback: 50th Merdeka: Now, everyone can be a Bajau!

An Unbooked Pregnancy
A 42-year-old lady presents with strong contraction pains at 3am. Of Filipino descent and speaking no Bahasa Malaysia, she was unable to provide any valuable clinical history pertinent to her current pregnancy. In addition, she did not seek any antenatal care. A multiparous lady with 12 other children, she gave birth uneventfully but her premature 31-week baby developed breathing complications from his immature lungs. He was referred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Likas, where he was treated for the next 48 days with costly first-line medications and neonatal supplements. Further investigations revealed congenital syphilis contracted from his mother.

Unable to settle the five-figure hospital bill, the father paid a meagre RM 10.00, vowing to settle the outstanding amount on their next clinic visit. Seen in the clinic one month later, the couple returned with their child and - brand new Malaysian ICs. Declaring themselves now to be Malaysian Bajaus, they were absolved of all their hospital debts and spirited onto the red carpet of Bumiputeraship.

A Neglected Child

A frail 3-year-old Indonesian boy was admitted for severe dehydration from a two-week history of infective diarrhea. The second youngest of 14 children, the family lives in a 5m X 8m stilt house built over sea water, aptly known as kampong air. They draw water and electricity from illegal connections made stealthily to the homes of local Sabahans. Domestic waste and human excrement are disp osed of by open sea dumping and drop latrines. On examination, the child was drowsy in hypotensive shock and was severely malnourished.

Over a period of 4 weeks, he was given intensive care and nursed back to health with adequate rehydration and total parenteral nutrition costing RM 1,000 per day. Upon discharge, the parents swore themselves to be Bajau, flashed newly-minted Mykads and laid claim to the privilege of free healthcare. From pendatang tanpa izin just a month ago, they’ve become warganegara Islam and are therefore eligible to the broad spectrum of bumiputera privileges under UMNO’s New Economic Policy.

The child went back to the family home, where he nonchalantly resumed his daily routine of waddling barefooted in the filthy mud of kampong air littered with human excrement.

A Jobless Lad

An unemployed 28-year-old man was admitted after a freak road accident. After a heavy alcohol binge, he went on a terror joyride with a friend equally under the influence. He suffered a grade 3 open fractures of both his right forearm bones with multiple tendon and nerve cuts. He underwent a complicated and costly emergency surgery, the first of many to come. Over the next two months, he underwent repeated reconstructive procedures – readjustments of metal fixator, wound debridements and skin flaps.

He was seen in the clinic a week after discharge whereby he now professes to be a Bajau. His outstanding hospital bills were consequently declared null and void.

A Promiscuous Husband

A 56-year-old man from Pulau Gaya presented with high fever associated with severe headache and was found to be jaundiced on examination. He has three wives and 16 children, none of whom were schooling. Confessing to a long habit of extra-marital sexual activties, further diagnostic work-up confirmed HIV, Hepatitis C, and syphilis. A series of scans were required to exclude HIV-related cerebral toxoplasmosis and liver cirrhosis from chronic hepatitis C. A fisherman by profession, he was unable to pay for the scans. He pleaded for three days after which his wives presented at the hospital with a Mykad fresh from the stoves of Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara.

Yes, here in UMNO’s Sabah, everyone can be a Bumiputera Bajau – the Indonesians, Filipinos and Pakistanis too.

Corruption in a league of its own.

It is increasingly incredulous to believe that that the BN government had any genuine intention to root out the cancer of illegal immigration in Sabah. While Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom are harvesting the skill, talent and services of the truly cemerlang, gemilang and terbilang of Malaysian shores, UMNO’s Tanah Melayu is instead proactively inflicting itself with infectious diseases and serious crimes with the most uneducated, unskilled and unimmunized imports from neighbouring Philipines and Indonesia.

Far from the lame excuses given by Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, the crux of the issue is not an unmanageable coastline, but an insatiable greed for power and wealth among the Barisan Nasional politicians.

Corruption has reached its highest degree in the state of Sabah. Here, citizenship has become a priceless commodity that can be bought and sold at the whims and fancies of UMNO. Even as the local Kadazandusun Murut (KDM) population remains trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty and illiteracy, Filipinos, Indonesians and even Pakistanis are masquerading as Bajaus, purchasing Malaysian ICs and a lifetime of bumiputera privileges for a meagre sum of RM 100.

These overnight bumiputeras have already overtaken the locals in sheer number and brute strength in Lahad Datu, Kota Belud, Semporna, Likas, Sandakan and Tawau. Pulau Gaya is virtually a mini-Philipines in Malaysian waters. Its notoriety for violence is such that even the armed forces fear to tread.

While the sociodemography of Sabah has already undergone a politically-maneuvered radical transformation, the true folly of BN’s Project IC is only beginning to show.

Corruption kills, literally

Already, Sabah is infamous for being the land most endemic with tuberculosis, thanks to these non-immunized illegals. In 2006, Sabah added a feather to its cap when it clinched the unenviable title as the state with the highest number of newly diagnosed HIV cases. The overwhelming prevalence of highly infectious diseases among illegal immigrants is consuming our limited human and financial resources. Sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, C and gonorrhea are now spreading like wild fire.

So are infective diarrhea and other environmental illnesses, many thanks to our Project IC citizens utilizing our rivers and seas like a gargantuan natural sewage tank. The battle on vector-borne infections like dengue and malaria is virtually lost. While Health Inspectors impose fines and summonses on local citizens for harboring pockets of potential Aedes breeding sites, the unhygienic and wholly-filthy settlements of the UMNO’s prized immigrants are conveniently overlooked. The whole effort of vector control is but an exercise in vanity and exhibitionism.

In the name of so-called humanity to these supposed under-privileged people, the Health Ministry has vicariously deprived our very own citizens of services that they paid taxes for.

Foreigners form at least 30%-50% of patients in government hospitals and clinics, stretching our health resources so thin that Malaysians have to contend with suboptimal care. In the hospitals, it is not uncommon for our own local citizens to be dumped onto the floor while their Project M counterparts occupy proper beds. It is also not infrequent for illegal immigrants to receive intensive care and ventilator support at the expense of equally ill Malaysian citizens that could have otherwise been saved with the proper facilities.

As cheap Filipino cigarettes and unpurified alcohol become easily available especially to our young children, Sabah can expect an epidemic of respiratory diseases and alcohol-related illnesses in the very near future - if not already. At present, clinicians are already witnessing lung cancers and alcoholic liver disease among Sabahans at an age as young as 24 years.

The whole set-up makes no sense. It seems as though there is a concentrated effort to appease these particular group of people. Is humanity really the reason behind the Malaysian Ministry of Health’s peculiar and unconditional generosity to illegal immigrants or is there a politically-savvy ulterior motive?

As the Malay peribahasa goes, kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah mati kelaparan.

A tickling social timebomb:

The street kids of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah are already a notorious state entity. Unkempt kids who should be studying instead spend their days peddling cigarettes and alcoholic brew or merely roaming about begging for cash in eateries and places of interest. In recent years, their numbers have taken an exponential rise. The social consequences will be damning when these street children grow up to become unemployed and unemployable young men.

Rape, murder, home break-ins and petty thefts are already daily affairs in Sabah, in tandem with the increasing number of foreigners.

The flea markets throughout Sabah tell a great detail of their side activities. Stolen items ranging from shoes and t-shirts to handphones and lap tops are sold brazenly in broad daylight, uncannily oblivious to the law enforcers but not to the locals who fall victim to these unschooled, idle youngsters. The press of Sabah provides a daily painful reminder. The local Daily Express dedicates a whole page on crime in Sabah, much of it involving foreigners.

While money and assets lost can be re-earned and regained, the lives and dignity of murder and rape victims can never be restored.

Many a family has been torn apart in more subtle ways. Young, unschooled foreign ladies form the bulk of commercial sex workers throughout Sabah. Once blissful families are destroyed by the husbands’ extramarital affairs with the literally cheap foreign girls, many of them barely past teenage. A pregnant mother of five was recently found to have contracted HIV/AIDS from her husband’s chronic infidelity with Filipino guest relations officers the many karaokes throughout Sabah.

A state conspiracy

Far from even attempting to control the entry and proliferation of foreigners in Sabah, the UMNO state and federal government are in effect vigorously wooing these people.

The Customs Department gladly issues and renews work permits without any proper check on the person’s background and current health. As a result, even someone with active pulmonary tuberculosis can resume working and spreading their Mycobacterium in Sabah.

The National Registry Department freely issues birth certificates to any foreigner born in Sabah, a first big step before full bumiputera-ship in later life. Mysteriously, such documents are issued only to Muslim foreigners. The predominantly Catholic East Timorese and occasional Catholic Filipino are somehow denied such documents.

The State Health Department makes Sabah even more homely to foreigners by offering virtually free healthcare. Chemotherapy, total parenteral nutrition, CT/MRI scans and major surgeries are all provided without any obligation for the costs to be settled. In other words, foreigners receive equal access to healthcare like any other bona fide Malaysian citizen.

BN’s actual stand in the issue of illegal immigration is fully revealed in times of elections. Local Sabahans find themselves sidelined as foreigners who do not speak a word of Bahasa Malaysia suddenly possess voting privileges. Such allegations fly like wild fire in each election season but needless to say, were never investigated or followed up by the Election Commission.

The State Land Office too, panders to UMNO’s aspirations. Much land has been taken from the locals and allocated to Project IC citizens. These distressed voices of the needy and lowly locals will probably never be heard as their own Kadazandusun Murut leaders cave in to the love of money.

Not a Generalization

This article in no way implies that all immigrants are partakers of hooliganism. As with every issue in life, there are two sides to a coin and no blanket statement can ever be justified. Nevertheless, unlike the UMNO politicians, the daily experiences of the man-on-the-street do not lie. The threat and menace of foreigners in Sabah and Malaysia in general can never be understated and downplayed.

In Sabah particularly, the feared “reverse-takeover” has only begun, with the Barisan Nasional firmly seated in the director’s chair.

The End is Imminent

Charity as they say, begins at home. The BN government can show more generosity and charity to our locals in areas of hardcore poverty like Kota Marudu and Ranau instead of quietly strengthening and empowering the Project IC beneficiaries.

With a muted media and a money-pacified Parti Bersatu Sabah, UMNO will inexorably remain as the supreme master of Sabah for quite some time to come. Backed by a steady supply of loyal, overnight Muslim bumiputeras who potentially double up as useful Mat Rempits when the need arises, the peace-loving local population is increasingly hapless. The biggest losers are none other than local non-Muslim population who stands in UMNO’s way of establishing an Islamic state.

There will come a day where the Sabah we once knew ceases to exist. That is the day when a MALPHILINDO version comes into existence. That, I believe, will be a dream come true for UMNO.
Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan, fellow genuine citizens. Selamat Hari Malaysia too.
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