Friday, February 29, 2008

No Winds of Change in the Land Beneath the Winds

Despite all the hype about denying BN's two-third majority, there is hardly an opposition symbol seen around Sabah. BN's flags and banners trounce the opposition hands down. And would anyone doubt that the banners and flags were paid for using the taxpayers' money?

Election posters are put up on tombstone-like wooden stands. Bernard Dompok had left his people to be lost in poverty in Ranau to contest the parliamentary seat in Penampang. I have personally written an appeal letter to him to sponsor a portable ventilator for a yong mother of eight with Multiple Sclerosis. His reply was...a no answer. After conning the people of Ranau, he wants to now con the people of Penampang. Trust me, he'll succeed.

BN remains hugely popular here, thriving on the ignorance of the Sabah folk. Feudalism is the order of the day here. Ordinary folk dare not disagree with their supposed VIPs out of fear as the seeds of submission wihout question have been sown since young, especially by the church authorities.

The few opposition symbols that are put up are outnumbered 20 to 1. How to win? The psychological war is lost before the real battle begins. All these banners were put up by Filipinos brought around town in government vehicles that are supposed to be grounded during elections.

MCA running dogs are abundant here in Sabah. The rich Chinese are richer than the richer Bumis in Peninsular, while the poor Chinese are worse off than the poor Bumis in Peninsular. Bad enough they are unwanted citizens in Sabahland, they have to face living costs in Sabah compared to the whole of Peninsular.


Anonymous said...

cheer up. have faith in God. remember what God said love is. ;) also, with God, all things are possible. ;)

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