Saturday, March 1, 2008

Di mana tiada helang.... Malaysia, too many characters are holding positions that they were never destined to hold....

Di mana tiada helang, kata belalang akulah helang…

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

I love Malaysia – I truly do. I was born here, bred here and raised here and that is why I am so anxious and restless to see Malaysia’s long list of issues getting solved by the people in power.

It takes little effort for any secondary school kid to identify Malaysia’s long list of issues – worsening race relations, deteriorating environment, escalating crime, widespread corruption, blatant abuse of power, widening wealth gap, uncontrolled inflation, embarrassing judiciary, ailing healthcare, legal illegal immigration, forced brain drain, thinning resources and ineffective education system.

But then again, maybe I was wrong. Maybe our education system has become so stupid and rotten that our brain-washed secondary school students would not be able to find anything wrong with the country at all.

If I were to be asked to pick one and only one problem to be referred to as Malaysia’s BIGGEST PROBLEM, I think I would have to think deep and hard.

I think my answer at this point in time, would be that in Malaysia, too many characters are holding positions that they were never destined to hold.

Mat Rempits and Ah Bengs who were never meant to be in university are studying medicine, engineering and IT. They end up wasting their youth in university. My personal experience in UM, some of these jokers on government scholarships are spending up to eight years studying medicine. It’s my money they are wasting for each year they are retained in medical school. How outrageous! If these underqualified below-average students were offered an arts or religious course to begin with, perhaps they would not have ended up as a failed general practitioner selling metamphetamine to the public.

Some who were never truly competent to be a doctor are operating on patients as so-called consultant neurosurgeons, and making a huge lethal mess out of it. The ghosts of patients who died under the knife and care of all these bull-crapping doctors will come back to haunt our dreams, if sleep can even step in to begin with.

The kaki ponteng sekolah whom I used to catch as a prefect is now in the police force. I used to catch this guy squatting and smoking in the pee-filled toilet of my missionary school. How our roles have changed! I wouldn’t be surprise if he were to give me a speeding summons one of these days. He was never meant to be anywhere near or around in a career of law enforcement but here he is – donning a dark blue uniform with an anti-rasuah badge waiting to pounce on his next victim, earning some duit kopi to support his smoking habit.

Many who were never cut out for business dealings or were failed businessmen are becoming the CEOs of PLUS, Malaysian Airlines and Proton. That is why this rich nation is fast becoming poor. Our money has been placed in the stupid hands of UMNO’s ass kissers.

Retards and morons who were never gifted in reading and debating are becoming parliamentarians and end up yelling racist taunts and religious threats. Nazri Aziz, Badruddin Amiruddin, Keris Hishamuddin and Bung Mokhtar please step forward.

One who was destined to be a perpetual civil servant became prime minister and brought the civil service mentality into the job – getting paid to do nothing but sleep.

That is what I think is killing Malaysia slowly: a mismatch of natural talents with their eventual roles.

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