Saturday, March 1, 2008

No Winds of Change in the Land Beneath the Winds (2)

UMNO flags are flying high in a predominant Kadazandusun area. Some of the humble and lowly local folk I spoke to have never heard of DAP, PKR or PAS are. They only know that they've been told to cross next to the Dacing of BN. This is why UMNO has been able to lord over the local folks despite the Malay population being a great minority here.

An illustration of how rich and fat the land of Sabah is. It has so much timber that quality wood is used to mount up placards and banners throughout Sabah. One a single stretch of town road, there may be up to a hundred placards as these. The wealth of the land hardly reaches the ordinary folk, however.

A BN running dog boasts about his greatness in a 30-page booklet depicting his appearances in the local press. There is not a single page about his principles and beliefs and his stand on any issues. I'd rather vote a high-pitched yelping chihuahua than a dog that cannot even bark much less bite.

This BN candidate publishes his rubbish in such a size that it exceeds the size of my dustbin, and i assure you that my dustbin is big. Eighty pages of how popular he has been in the local press yet not a single page on his personal ideals and principles. Jesus said that the Father rewards the good deeds that are done in secret and that the left hand should not know what good deeds the right hand is doing. Our BN candidate here does exactly the opposite.

To date, I have not seen or smelt any opposition's campaign booklet.

How to win like this?


Alan said...

Of course the opposition cannot win la... otherwise, why do you think the BN still allowed an idiot like Bung Mokhtar to contest in Sabah? It's an insult to the intelligence of the Sabahans, if they indeed have any...

Anonymous said...

I agree but I don't preempt DAP
winning KK & Skan. They got me
& some of my colleagues vote for