Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kepala sama hitam, hati lain-lain...

No faith in Race and Skin Color

I don’t believe in race. Seriously I don’t.

If beauty as they say, is only skin deep, then skin color is even more shallow.

Ling Liong Sik claimed to championed the Chinese of Malaysia, spoke Mandarin and by any standards looks Chinese yet conned a whole generation of Chinese into submission as third class citizens. He accumulated wealth for himself and a coveted Tunship, while thousands and thousands of Chinese students were left without a tertiary education. In my opinion, he is more Malay than any Malay.

The same with Ong Ka Ting and Koh Tsu Koon – looks Chinese, talks Chinese but in their heart is anti-Chinese. How else to explain the fact that they kept quiet by the sidelines while UMNO morons threatened to slaughter our men and rape our ladies and shed our children’s blood?

Mother Theresa was Albanian but served the poor and homeless of India for over forty years. She was more Indian than any living Indian politician because in her heart she truly cared for the sick and hungry of India’s poorest.

Elizabeth Elliot was an American Christian evangelist whose husband was killed by the Quechua Indians in Ecuador. Instead of squandering her emotions in hatred, she invested in love and stayed on to educate the children of the Quechua Indians. For her selflessness, she was christened with a Quechuan name and was as Indian as the tribes’ own leaders.

Lim Guan Eng is a Chinese, the son of the Malaysian opposition leader. He could have slipped into his father’s shoes if he wanted to. He could have banked on his father’s reputation to be a statesman, albeit an opposition one. Instead he chose to defend the cause of a 15-year-old Malay girl whose virtue was violated by a tough-talking Malay Malaccan chief minister. He could have ignored the desperate pleas of the girl’s old and ailing grandmother. He could have chosen the easy way out but he didn’t. He chose justice and empathy and for that lost 2 years of his personal freedom defending the virtue of a Malay girl.

Joseph Pairin Kitingan is Kadazan, or so he claims. Even as the Kadazandusunmurut people of Sabah are regressing in poverty, illiteracy, tuberculosis and senseless crimes, he is dancing to the tune of UMNO’s song and feasting at the table of the very people who has gang-raped and robbed the land of Sabah for decades now. He could have lived up to his name and spoke out on Project IC. He didn’t. For that, he is less Kadazan than I am – and I am not one to begin with.

And that is why I don’t believe in finding security and solidarity through skin color.

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Anonymous said...

Why `Malaysian’ should not vote for BN

First of all, I’m not representing any political parties and I’m not intend to support for any party, this document was just prepared to give some viewpoints to all of the Malaysian, which are sharing under the same roof with me.

a) Cronyism: It’s very painful to inform you our lovely country ‘ Malaysia ’ is infected with this ‘virus’. Cronyism can even collapse a strong country, you will understand it if you know a lot of history of China dynasty. Cronies in our parliament will reject/ attack all the suggestion of their opponents, no matter its true or false; they will blindly support for their own members despite it was non-constructive/ danger to our nation. Our current rulings party has this kind of culture, the parliament’s debate had proved it long time ago.

b) Corruption: Our rulings party always beautifying themselves about the corruption is just a minor problem. If you see a police stop somebody beside the road, what would you think of? The answer is corruption. We are not necessary to educate these people who accept bribes, we just need to let the rulings party know a sentence- If you can accept bribes for RM1, your followers will dare to accepts RM100.

c) Marginal policy: This is not comment on the issue of Chinese or Indians citizens. Our government affirmative policy is using ‘Bumiputra Right’ as their tools to maximize their family or crony’s fortune. By practicing this policy, government awarded contracts without transparency, opening and fairness, the people in power use government tools or agency to benefit the ‘Close-One’ with them. As a result our rulings party is marginalize other Malaysia Citizens out of their cronyism kingdom. In the long term period of time, he/she will be interested with the whole country fortune by keep practicing this kind of ‘Marginal Policy’.

d) Parliament, Judiciary, Executive: Our country’s constitutional is consists of these three independence board. In fact, our parliament is just a finger of executive, and judiciary is the pistol waiting for finger to fire it. Don’t you believe me? Recall your memory with Anwar Ibrahim’s corruption and sodomy charges in 1999 or, V.K Lingam’s video clips recently.

e) Mismanagement of Funds: Perwaja Steel Sdn Bhd, UEM/Renong Saga, Matrade Building, MRR2 Flyover, Leakings in Parliament House, Putrajaya, Scenic Bridge, MAS Airline, Sultan Ismail Hospital in JB, PLUS expressway, Double Tracking Railway Project, Proton. These is all the ‘Flying-Colour’s missions’ archived by our rulings party, it takes how many years to complete this kind of mission? How frequently the government spent hundred of millions to bail out or to colouring their mistake? And where’s the handsome amount of money getting from? The answer is: You, Me, He, She, And We!!! (Rakyat Malaysia- the Taxpayer). It’s time to ask this robber to stop the play-acting, we are not childish.

f) Qualification of Members of Parliament: The standard of this rulings party representative is quite worrying by us. How come a Rakyat’s representative created an issue like ‘Bocor” in parliament debate, does his mother ask him how to respect a women? And how about the sexual scandal for the Johor’s Chua, while his son is representing him this time around, it’s proved that the son of Chua is forgiven his dad, on the other hand, it shows us this young man is not respecting his mother(women too) so. And how about the ‘Close One Eye’ issue happened to the Melacca’s Yasin MP? Even though these men are not contesting in this election, we realize this is all the “standard of quality’ can be provided by BN.

g) Free and Fair Election: Would you believe in this? By Election Act, Police Act, University College and University Act, Internal Security Act, Publication Act, Media and Press Act, this ruling party had wash minded and controlled of Rakyat Malaysia, we should not depend on new blood of this rulings party (like what happen in 2004 General Election- New PM effects), but just increase the opposition’s power by just voting for any party out of the BN. Once a day, we had to change the government, increase the voices of oppositions is the only way to forms this foundation. Have you heard about the same wine in different bottle has a different taste? Do you wish your next generation live under current mode of ruling, with mockery of democracy?

h) Races Card: Every party can ask people to vote for them, include you, BN. But, don’t mislead the voter (especially the rural area voters) by saying ‘Vote for Opposition will result a instable social, riots occur, or even history of 513 issue will be returning! We wonder who is actually playing the races card. We are not going to foolish by you; we can live under the same roof with harmony.

i) It’s time to change: This is what we got from US’s Obama. The ruling party is too strong; even a pasar malam’s Ah Sor knew it. Too strong rulings party gave us to know cronyism, corruption, money-politics, red-tape, proud, play-acting, high handed policy, non-admitted wrongs doing, without any change to establish with the globalization world, no resignation and no ‘Sorry’ come out from their mouth. They just have a secret weapon ‘Wait for the PM make the decision’. I am here to let you know, in fact, their boss is not PM, they had to take the responsibility and report to Rakyat Malaysia . See how the Taiwanese wake up after Kuomintang practicing ‘Black Gold Politics’ for such a decade? Take a look on how Indonesia wins the power back to the citizens under the cronies’ era of Suharto?

Finally, this letter was sincere, please considering enough before you cast the vote into the ballot box. Cast your vote meaningfully, cause your vote is not casting for yourself, it is for the next generation in this beauty country. We love our country, we should not let the above ‘Malaysian Dilemma’ continues again. Wake up! My friends! Wake Up! Malaysian!