Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Overheard: A Racist but True Malaysian Metaphor

The Malaysian Crabs Story

There is a basket of crabs, all ready to be sent to the cooking pot. In it are crabs of all races – Malay, Indian, Chinese and non-Malay Bumiputeras. The Chinese crabs are determined to escape their deadly end.They climb onto each other, each aiding the other to reach higher ground. One by one, they slowly and eventually reach the top of the basket and escape. The Indian crabs did likewise and started climbing, but instead of helping each other, they pulled the one above back down into the basket. Eventually, none reached the top, and the top crab itself was still stuck within the basket. The Malay crabs were non-chalant – they did nothing and waited upon UMNO to give them a hand, if and when the helping hand ever comes. The non-Malay Bumi crabs had no UMNO to help them but it’s ok, cos’ most of them do not even know they’re screwed and being sent for slaughter anyway….

After reading this, you might accuse me of being a racist. I assure you, I am not.

All non-BN-puteras Malaysians have been short-changed and cheated for long enough a time since 1957. The Chinese community knew this from the beginning of the NEP in 1970 and was vastly more determined to rise against adversities brought about by UMNO’s racist policies. They formed amongst others, Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Dong Jiao Zong to safeguard their economic and educational interests. Knowing that a Chinese in Malaysia will never receive BN handouts, the successful ones in turn returned to empower these and other associations with financial support and leadership. From young, the Chinese have been taught by their parents that if they were to succeed, they only have themselves to rely on cos’ the government will never give a hamster’s ass to your welfare and well-being. Perhaps because of this too, the Chinese community in Malaysia are probably the most kiasu and cowardly among all the other races.

They can attend church and preach about courage and the need to relieve the oppressed. They will complain about the damned BN government, attend DAP ceramahs and even make financial contributions to the opposition party. Come voting day however, they will put their crosses at the BN logo. They can even justify their actions for continuing to support a racist and corrupted regime. Their excuses range from accusing the opposition of being critics without substances to the stupid “Only BN can deliver us the goodies.” Goodies like what? Clearing clogged drains and overflowing sewage. Time and again, opposition candidates receive the parliamentary vote but lose the state seat. What kind of stupid logic is this? It’s because the Chinese community keep fearing a May 13 backlash from UMNO. It is because of their cowardly attitude that I personally think that the Chinese people are the least worth fighting for – and I am a Chinese myself.

The Indian community is the most discriminated and hated by UMNO. There’s no denying it. They have been deliberately shut out of public universities and civil service. The statistics are all there. They have become the pariah race of Malaysia after 50 years of independence, as noted by Lim Kit Siang. How can this be going on when VK Lingam is the king-maker of the judiciary, Tony Fernandez the king of the skies and Ananda Krishnan the lord of Malaysian cable television? It’s because of the Indian crab metaphor. Indians are probably the most gifted race in fields like medicine and law. There are more than enough Indians in professional fields to aid their own people. They don’t however. I should know - I work among doctors, and I can assure you that there are many Indian doctors. They’d say that the Indian plight will always be the same and nothing will change under a BN or opposition government. They can clearly identify the issues faced by the Indian race – one of which is MIC, yet will never do anything close to voting. The way I look at it, the successful Indians are the main cause of persisting doom and gloom among the Indian community. If the Indians need a revolution, the change must come among the Indian professional. Stop wasting your cash smoking and boozing for goodness sake! Channel them to your people instead.

The Malays are a group I’d be fairly cautious to comment on. Suffice to say, Malays are the most passionate about the country’s politics. If they say and proclaim to support PAS and hate UMNO, one can place 100% confidence in them to vote so in the elections, unlike some tough-talking Chinese cowards who is all talk and no action. The Malays hold the key to the country’s future, and I’m not sure if they are aware of this all-important role they’re holding. I say so because the drug-addiction, Mat Rempits, pre-marital motherhood, and many many social ills are most rampant among the privileged race of Malaysia. The more well-behaved ones prefer to toe the line and accept the minimal handouts from UMNO’s goons.

The last group is the non-Malay Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Anyone who has been among this group of people will agree that the non-Malay bumiputeras are the MOST PLEASANT among all races in Malaysia. They are also by far, the MOST IGNORANT - many thanks to 50 years of feel-good lies in the mainstream media of Barisan Neraka Nasional. Their own leaders have sold them off to be slaves and pariahs in their own land. Even Joseph Pairin Kitingan is denying the existence of Project IC when everyday, I have Filipinos and Indonesians waving new Malaysian ICs to my face.

Can Malaysia be saved? Not until we stopped behaving like damned crabs!


Anonymous said...

I truely agreed with your conclusions on all the races in Malaysia!!The worst is that of our kind! talks but no real intention to change anything.

Anonymous said...

Going back to
from whom i cross to scm (where is that chow kow always on my back accusing me of stealing copywrighted material and posting as my own??..? fukkkf the sick fuccck) --
the original author paints a too glossy picture of the chinese "helping one another" in dire danger.
i beg leave to disagree with this learned author on this:-)
it is not that the chinese know that they are going to be cooked!
BY NATURE , chinese are suspicious and unconsciously/subconsciously look for escape FOR HIMSELF !!!
so where is the "helping to climb out"??
what actually happens is all scamble to higher ground on one another's back, falling back, repeating till they all escape BY THEMSELVES FOR THEMSELVES! ;-))
do the chinese crabs help one another like the "human chain/ladder" technique?
all they know is each one for himself, stepping on another's head/balls matters not- as long i get off first!
Now lower down the paragraph the author says the indian crab climb up pulling back the upper ones-- this is because indian crabs move straight upwards.

chinese crabs move sideways LOL LOL

while the Malay crabs got to craw
>out of the basket because UMNO provide them with a ladder.
who says the malays are stupid? ;-)
but somebody-- dkdkhjhj?-something has come up with a subtle/real warning. q.v

>As for the Indian crabs? The samseng crabs bully the non-samseng
>crabs, and the non-samseng crabs rallied. At the end, all of them got
there is a limit , you know :-))

(to be posted to soc.culture.malaysia in a few minutes" time)

Anonymous said...

You are wrong! UMNO, the Super Crab hold the Key, not the Malay crab. Sad fact is no crab ever escape !
There would be no crab soon! No matter what, we all get cooked including the Super Crab sooner or later.

周瑜 said...

Can't agree with more than what you said, apart from that the Chinese helps each other. No we don't. We trample each other to escape ;-)

Kong said...

"Anyone who has been among this group of people will agree that the non-Malay bumiputeras are the MOST PLEASANT among all races in Malaysia"
I may not entirely agree with that statement. I remember when I was young, those Malays I met were very nice and gentle. So what make them changed to be non pleasant? I believe it's the system rather than DNA the cause of that.