Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kera di hutan disusukan....Anak di rumah mati kelaparan

Images of Project IC aka Project M (click on images for larger view)

Filipinos are accorded an official place of trade aptly known as the Filipino market.....while our local Kadazandusun hawkers trade literally as unlicensed squatters on a pedestrian bridge. As Project IC Filipinos while their days away peddling smuggled tobacco…..a local Sabahan is drenched with sweat collecting trash and pulling a rickshaw. Filipino villages spread like wild fire across the whole of Sabah, polluting our water sources with human and domestic waste. They enjoy free utilities via illegal water and power connections and lay claims to lands belonging to indigenous folks.…while a local Sabahan make home out of a sewage treatment plant. As a new generation of young Filipinos is raised on a life of petty crime, a whole generation of Kadazandusunmurut is condemned to poverty and ignorance.

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