Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Unveiling...The BN Manifesto

I’d like to believe in the person called Pak Lah,
Who appeared humble and loyal to Allah,
He once declared that he had big ears,
But all he had were four wasted years,
I’d like to believe he cares about inflation,
Urban poverty and racial discrimination,
How can I, when he goes on vacation,
When half of Johor is inundation?
He could have reprimanded Keris Hashimuddin,
Or hang upside down that racist Badruddin,
Instead he pretended that nothing happened,
No taunts, no threats, no wielded weapon,
He perpetuated the evil called Project IC,
Buat tak tahu with no eyes to see,
All his rhetoric about peace and NEP,
Stink to high skies much worse than rat pee,
So I don’t believe in his ministerial value,
In Najib, Kayveas or Sammy Vellu,
He retained for cabinet that Rafidah Aziz,
And also that racist called Nazri the Nazi,
So how to believe in Abdullah Badawi?
He snatches dead bodies with Islam Hadhari!

1 comment:

D o R a T o R a said...

I never knew about the Project IC but I heard that few non-Malaysian-citizens-supposed-to-be got their ICs from KL.Now that I know the whole thing I'm starting to get real angry.Thank god I saw your blog.