Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good riddance, bozo!

Dear Sam,

Greetings from across the South China Sea.

I read with great laughter and self satisfaction that you have been demoted and evicted from your office for corruption.

I hope you will now be a good MO and wear your neck tie and lab coat and 1Malaysia badge wherever you go, even if it is splattered with blood and bile.

You really never knew how lucky you were, to be in a position that you were not deserving of.

In a different country, under a different system, you would most likely not even make it to medical school, what more hold a high office in a tertiary hospital.

Writing any more would be a waste of my time.

Enjoy your new salary scale, bozo.




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what did he do?

Alan said...

who's this idiot?