Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Making Sense of 2011 (I)

Lessons, realizations and enlightenment I have gained this year:

• I’m an oddball that fits nowhere.
• Joy and contentment is both strangely elusive and innate deep within.
• There is no shame in admitting one’s utter stupidity and foolish mistakes.
• Sometimes, a u-turn is the only way back to the right path.
• Some people are just bodoh, sombong (dumb and arrogant) and beyond redemption.
• Age and experience is not synonymous with wisdom and respect.
• A supportive spouse is invaluable and is deserving of one’s utmost love.
• There are no off-days in parenthood.
• The Filipino Badjaus got it right in childraising.
• God is a sick Almighty who plays wicked games for no apparent reason.
• Durians can cause fever and sorethroat.
• Painkillers are a Godsent.
• Music from the 90s rocked.
• There comes a stage in life where everything is just crap and crappy.
• South Park was spot-on about the above.
• There is no poetic justice, except when it’s all a conspiracy.
• The road to hell is laden with good intentions.
• Never ever be fat in this lifetime or the next.
• The Wiggles are actually quite entertaining and not gay.
• There will always be ‘another hurdle, another milestone’ in life.
• Malaysia is screwed, regardless of whatever and ever.

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