Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dear Monkey Clown Asses (MCA), Stop Embarassing Us Chinese!

Bloody Embarassing and Disgraceful

Why in the world must they do this?

How long will it take before the Chinese people realize that Chinese feet were not made for dancing?

Wasn’t William Hung wicked enough to propagate the racial stereotyping of Chinaman being the skinny nerd with hair combed to one side of his head and no rhythm?

What the hell was MCA thinking in that stupid Bercham ceramah? Haven't us yellow people not been served bad enough?

Those two young girls pranced and howled along as though they were employed right out of an unprofitable circus troupe. There was no groove in their movements. Even Optimus Prime can dance better than them. William Hung was at least fun and funny to watch. The girls at the MCA ceramah were downright distasteful, dressed in the ideal paedophile’s outfit.

Hasn’t Hong Kong and Taiwan done enough damage to the Chinaman’s image? All those Jay-Z wannabes and Kanye West ciplaks have all but lost their sense of identity.

Leave the dancing and the singing to the blacks and PLEASE STOP EMBARASSING US CHINESE PEOPLE!

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bola said...

oh come on now...
theatrics is all part of the political system. i'm sure being an avid follower of the local political system has somewhat enlightened you with regards to that.

it's not like obama or hillary never had ellen de generes or oprah's endorsement/entertainment to help pull in the votes.

and with regards to your hongkee/taiwanese reference to jay-z and kanye wannabes, its not like you listen to chinese opera or wear samfu on a daily basis.

culture in this live broadcast/instant messaging/ internet age is an amalgam of the various ethnicities.