Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just Changed....

Did the sun shine any brighter and the birds sing any louder?
Was there a different aroma in the air around us? many ways, a great part of our individual niche has not changed and probably never will......

Change is the only constant.

Anwar hailed the recent “political tsunami’ as a new dawn for Malaysia.

I say HUH?

Was there really a new dawn for Malaysia?

Did the sun shine any brighter and the birds sing any louder?
Was there a different aroma in the air around us?

In many ways, a great part of our individual niche has not changed and probably never will.

Nazri Aziz will remain uncouthed and downright disrespectful and he is still in Parliament. Bung Mokhtar of Kinabatangan is still alive while Zakaria Deros is still dead. Sammy Vellu is still rich and will now find much time to spend his dirty money. Kayveas is still the arrogant, tough-talking tin kosong blaming everyone for his defeat except the man in the mirror. Ling Liong Sik is still a fat moron masquerading as a scholar in the Chinese UiTM aka TAR College/University. The BN media will still paint Abdullah and friends as the only choice for Malaysia. The opposition parties will still think and behave like opposition parties, if not against the BN then among themselves.

In Ipoh, Perak, the state with the third PAS MB, the aqua or to be politically correct, the transvestites will continue to wait for their clients of all races without fear or favor. They are the most harmonious characters around and probably will be for many more centuries to come. Similarly, the pork in Sabah still tastes like a turd sandwich and the wan tan mee still five ringgit and taste just as horrible. The Kelantanese will remain in their eternal delusion that they are the exemplary state in Malaysia which is totally true if they’re talking about HIV, intravenous drug abuse and incest. Chinese people are still yellow and paranoid of PAS for no valid reason. The Sabah state neurosurgeon is still melanin-enhanced and bullshitting while performing his daily massacre of innocent people. Malay people will still be numero uno bumiputeras and the coming local university intake will prove me right.

On a more personal note and a larger scale, I am still RM 1,500 poorer after the general elections.

My grandmother’s dog is still barking incessantly and unnecessarily and exacerbating her hearing impairment. Mummy will still be strolling with Jesus in the sweet bye and bye, free from pain and suffering forevermore. Brother will be as lonely, bored and depressed as I am. My beautiful Meltzki is still gone with only memories and bits of fur for me to hold on to until I too die of cancer like she did. Odie is still missing and probably with Meltzki, just that she’s not buried by her side like Obie is. Grandpa will still be remembered in loving memory more for his eccentricity.

My two hamsters will still be making a mess out of their home, leaving me to clean up their dump. The pesky cockroaches will resume their routine of paying occasional unexpected visits in the middle of the night while I am sleeping soundly. The nearby Giant supermarket is still not selling Class III Baygon Cockroach Control. My daily battle with my Nokia 6210 snooze button will rage on not unlike the Palestinians and Israelis. I’d still need to wash my socks every day if I do not want my apartment to smell worse than the hamsters’ home. I’d still run the risk of stepping into dog poo while walking by the streets.

Life will continue its mundane cycle not unlike the hamster wheels I am staring at right at this very moment.

Life will not change much for most of us – not in the most influential and priceless aspects, at least.

Really, compared to a new state government and revolutionary policies, the little little things in life carry so much more weight and relevance.

Don’t expect change to come from the new state governments, not in big waves in the next few weeks or months at least. If there were ten things I could change in life, these will all be non-political.

That’s for me. How about you?

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sojourner said...

profound....i guess everyone has 10 things they'd like to change if they could. most of us, there's more than 10 things...just wanna share with you the ONE thing i won't change in my life...the day i met Jesus...