Friday, March 21, 2008

Lame. Boy-George Lame.

Just when I was thinking of eating humble pie…

In view that the Christians in Malaysia probably did vote for the opposition parties this time around and therefore contributed to the waves of unprecedented change, perhaps I was wrong in accusing the NECF of subtly influencing believers into maintaining the BN status quo.

Out of curiosity, I searched the NECF website
for perhaps a post-election statement of sorts, all prepared to eat humble pie.

The Jan-Feb issue of Berita NECF has however convinced me that at least one or two personalities of the NECF do have some vested interests in supporting a BN government.

Once again, the NECF attempts to pit Christians against PAS for reasons best known to themselves. In one short passing statement, they equate PAS to nothing but the implementation of hudud and shariah law then proceed to explain in needless jargon why Christians opted for UMNO over PAS out of social responsibility towards collective socialism. They call themselves intellectual Christian think tanks but on this issue, they sound like empty tin cans.

Now while I was contemplating a Kit-Siang-like humble apology to the NECF, they too issued a sorry of their own, but in a relatively Bung Mukhtar style. I was obviously not the only one upset over the NECF’s apparent condemnation of the BERSIH and HINDRAF rallies, and the NECF must have received enough complaints from fellow believers in order to issue an apology of sorts. The NECF clarifies that it is supportive of the right to peaceful assembly. Strange, they truly didn’t seem to be when they openly accused the peaceful rallies of obstructing traffic and disrupting businesses. Now that’s classical not practicing what one preaches. If they had truly believed in the right to peaceful assembly, they would not have condemned the rallies in the identical way the BN politicians did.

In the closing messages of the Jan-Feb issue, the NECF sings a familiar tune more often read in the mainstream media. Apart from the usual “vote wisely”, the NECF adds that Christians should not vote with emotions based on recent events and current issues. Well, it sounds like Ong Ka Ting, looks like Ong Ka Ting but is definitely not Ong Ka Ting or Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, unless both have converted to Christianity in secret.

Lastly, the NECF justifies its apparent silence on social issues. Obviously, I am once again not the only Christian perturbed by the NECF’s deafening silence. The NECF begins its justification by describing its pro-activity on all issues in the past. It went on to announce that it has recently reached an agreement with the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) that they will only comment on issues affecting Christians and the Christian church.

Lame, Boy-George lame.

It is so easy to justify silence by saying we would only mind our own business. Problem is, the NECF did not and does not, as exemplified by their swift condemnation of many of the opposition’s activities since 2004. It does not require any strength and godliness to stand up for one’s own interests and benefits, the UMNO fellows are able to do that on any given day. If that is the stand the NECF has taken, so be it, for it speaks volumes of its principles and practices.

Just as Gerakan and MCA need to reinvent themselves to be more relevant to society, perhaps, just maybe the NECF would like to search within itself too.

I owe them no apology and am not eating humble pie till proven wrong.


Anonymous said...

Christian by conviction u say?
I wonder what kinda conviction dat is?

and btw, to be a medical doctor is to be humble and serving sick, not to brandish your degree on people's face to buy 2 cents worth. Its cheap!!

and the DAP maniac that you are..
well it only pins the selfishness of yourself jst like UMNO.
DAP has sole Chinese agenda, and has nvr given a thaught to Malay grones. Penang will surely be a testing ground.

I belong to no race,
I am not even malaysian,
but it just disgusts me to look at you DAP freaks to call themselves come kind of good side, a white cloth. Its just the same filth of Chinese racists churned out by the same disgusting political climate that churned out malay racists in the UMNO.

Vincent Wong said...

I do feel the same you do about NECF is being lame, more so cowardly stance not daring to rock the boat or stand up for what is right.

If this was the tribulation period where would NECF be? Will they be willing to die for their faith?

I do feel that many Malaysian Christians are abdicating their duty in the political arena; the absence of Christians in Politics will allow the rest to dictate and implement their discriminative policies and embolden them to oppress the Christians; it also makes it very much more difficult to carry out our duty to God and the great commission. If we continue so, we deserve what we get.

Please ignore Anonymous, it is apparent that he/she is a closed minded individual to start condemning your support for DAP.