Sunday, March 2, 2008

No Winds of Change in the Land Beneath the Winds (3)

Can Sabah be saved this election? For the next five years may be too late...

Giant billboards grace the entire city of Kota Kinabalu. Even a national traitor like Yong Teck Lee who previously won his Likas seat with Filipino votes is grinning from ear to ear. Although Yong Teck Lee is currently embroiled in a lawsuit against the Chief Minister of Sabah over the Kudat Mazu statue, he is smiling on giant BN billboards. It shows how spineless adn shameless BN representatives can be.

Dark clouds above.... Even the weather frowns upon the future leaders of Sabah. These gigantic billboards with a smug-looking face are very reminiscent of the Saddam Hussein statues in pre-war Iraq. How does one reach out to people without internet connection? How will they ever know they are being conned by their own people?

Wearing the traditional Kadazandusun attire is a popular campaign strategy. It seemingly makes one more Kadazan, more Dusun and more Murut. This is the same guy i once wrote an appeal letter to, pleading for a portable ventilator to save the life of a young mother of eight. his previous constituency, Ranau remains one of the poorest district in Sabah.

The independent spoilers….Independent candidates are abundant in Sabah, employing symbols like an umbrella, keys, and even an alarm clock! Local leaders are highly regarded by their village folk. The manifesto of independent candidates are very similar to those of DAP and PKR, touching on issues like Project IC and poverty. The opposition should have embraced and harvested these independent candidates. Instead they now play the roles of spoilers.

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