Saturday, June 7, 2008

Farewell and God Bless

A Parting Message

This Is My Story (2) will be the last posting on

This web log has outlived its usefulness. It may still have many unfulfilled goals and unexpressed messages but one knows when it is time to leave something behind and move on. It has been a defining period of soul-searching and self-examination.

Amidst the supportive words and uninhibited dissent, this web log has been anything but a futile project.

If you were inspired or repelled, touched or unmoved, encouraged or angered, the credit falls back to you and none to me. I am just another soul walking the earth and watching the sky, expressing my thoughts as truthfully as I can among the oceans of millions.

There will be no more updates regardless of any personal and world events, save for any residual unmoderated comments over the next few days.

I will continue to write if only to myself. Maybe one day, I might compile my articles into a book or two.

I bid you all goodbye and thank you all for your patience and attention. Thank you for bearing with my outrageous eccentricity.

We may cross paths somewhere in SS2 Murni or drive past each other along the PLUS highway. I may be next to you singing a Hillsong in Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) or roaring for DAP in the next election campaign. When all else fails, we’ll meet in heaven, in the sweet by and by.

Until then, I offer you peace and reconciliation.

The Lord bless thee, and keep thee,
The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee,
The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace,
(Numbers 6:23-26, King James Bible)


mel said...

I am truly sorry that you have decided to stop writing. You are not just another blogger, you are a writer who writes with your heart and soul and i can actually feel the layers of feelings in your words.

I have been comforted by your wisdom and faith in God. I'm sorry that i can no longer wake up to your thoughtful and honest posts. Who ever you are, thank you for your thoughts and feelings. I have been blessed to be able to keep up with your writings for the past few months.

Anonymous said...

I wish you all the best.


Anonymous said...

Starting another blog?

Anonymous said...

Wish u all the best...i truly enjoyed ur writings....

Anonymous said...

that is pretty sad to hear. i love all your descriptive yet honest, non-sugarcoated posts. i wish you all the best in your future undertakings. God bless you!

hermanc said...

Great Health and Longetivity POTS. God Bless.

CK said...

oh... it's sad to hear tat.
since you mentioned no more of kota marudu and sabah, i think you moved back to the west already.

wish you all the best.

the cili padi doctor said...

i'll miss u in cyberspace, bro. your website was one of the most impressive to me when i first started and i really drew a lot of inspiration from your writing.

guess its time for u to move on to other things in life. things comes and goes but the love of our Lord will always remain. sometimes we become so attached to certain things in life but i m glad that you are strong enough to make certain tough decisions in your everyday walk with God.

thanx for opening up your heart through your writing to so many of us out there. May our Lord guide you and keep you always.

Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed reading your writing.Have gained some insight as to life in East Malaysia and hoping for more.
Life goes on and hope to read your writing if you were to write again.
Good luck,good health and many blessed moments to you.
Thank you.

What A Lulu said...

thank you for sharing your perspective of life in east malaysia. i think what you've written is pretty close to what is on the ground, reminding us of their suffering, how they are terpinggired and how much we have to do to help them.
i'll miss your writings.

What A Lulu said...

[dont publish this]
my guess is that you will be starting your specialist course in um?
could you drop me a note at

many thanks

Anonymous said...

As I read your closing words, I recall a verse in Hosea which says, "He has shown you, O man, what is good and what the Lord requires of you. But to do justice and to love mercy and to walk humbly before God." In life there will be pain, failures and regrets but the Lord says He has shown us what is good and we are to make a conscious effort to focus on this. It doesn't mean we live in denial but we choose to "see good". The same verse tells us to "do justice" by doing the right thing and not just doing things right. We are to love mercy especially when we are in a position to dispense "justice". It's no wonder that Christ asked the religious leaders to go and learn what the Scripture means by "I desire mercy more than sacrifice." Lastly, to walk humbly before God. Often we forgot that we are to live by God's grace; not by our successes nor our failures. Four simple "requirements" for each day of our life.

Listen to what the Preacher says, "He has made everything beautiful in its time ... I know that there is nothing better for men than TO BE HAPPY and TO DO GOOD while they live. That EVERYONE may eat and drink and FIND SATISFACTION in all his toil - THIS IS THE GIFT OF GOD." {emphasis mine}

Let go of your regrets, live life meaningfully and making it count. God bless.

Product of the System said...


No, I am not starting any specialist training in UM.

Very much the opposite in fact.

Anonymous said...

Farewell Mr Young Disullusioned Soul. I do hope you find the resolution and peace you are seeking.

You write brilliantly, and obviously do have a sensitive soul.
The very very sad thing is how you've allowed the unhappy events of the past year to affect you.

Life is not perfect, nor our experiences all pleasant.

But it is how we process the experience, and the choices we make for our own response that mark the worth of a human being.

One can choose to be bitter and disillusioned, to blame people and the system around us, and in the process become cynical and dry in our soul. Or one can choose to rise to the challenge or becoming an agent of change in an imperfect world, to leave the world a better place than we found it.

It's easy to see the bad, and plead impotence in making changes. It's easy to play the badly-done-by victim.
But it's more difficult to say that no matter what the world around oneself is like, it can be changed for the better. And the change starts with oneself, and the ripple effect of one person's convictions and actions can have far-reaching effects that are hard to imagine, or believe.

So, don't continue your slide into cynicism. But nurture that observant, sensitive, eloquent, enthusiastic spark that still lies within your soul.

May God Bless You.

ShARI said...

Hi, I'm sorry too... but I sincerely hope to ease a wee bit of that futility by seeking permission (again) to run excerpts from your blog specially on migrant workers for the newspaper I work for.
I am planning to link it to a news story on our country's (miserable and misery-causing) status documented in the just out Trafficking in Persons Report 2008

God Bless always, all ways.

sl said...

Every Ending Precedes A New Beginning

I'll be waiting for your new writings. i knew this is not the end of you. You are going to come out bigger and louder (though not any sooner). Putting shame to those that deserve it, and credits to those that earn it.

Till you re-surface again..

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I visit your blog, came across your blog URL through MMail.
It is sad that the first time I visit your blog, I learnt that you have decided to stop blogging.
We need people like you to write these reality stories to wake the sleepy ones out there..
I can tell there are many who are still sleeping comfortably without knowing a thing about how tough life is in reality especially younger generation, though I am not that old, I am 21 yrs old.
I am also a blogger but far from your standard.
I don't blog like you as I don't see things that you have seen, and I look forward to read more of your experiences about reality..
Please don't stop here..
Keep on blogging for a better future..

Writing Angel (aka Sarah)

Anonymous said...

This country need people like you, blogs are just blogs, but sights that one need to express, I lived in SS2 for 5 years. I am wheeelchair bound - not sure if our path crossed - name Carol Rasiah. Think it over buddy - it could be God's gift for u to use.
I just started blogging late.
Whatever it is - I wish u all the best that will come from God.
will miss u.

Anonymous said...

your postings have touched me too. don't stay away too long :(

(pssst anon june 9 10.47pm: the verse is a paraphrase of Micah 6:8)

Sojourner said...

Wow! You've really created a stir with your farewell speech. Why the sudden decision to bid farewell to your loyal readers? I've always believed that your blog is a good outlet for all your frustration and disillusionment. Definitely got me thinking deeper than i always have. I'm just glad that i can still hear you even if you really stop blogging. I'd love to say that you deserve a lot more than what you are receiving. But then again, we all have already received more than what we deserved - the grace of God. And you're not a lousy Christian even if you honestly think so. God knows your heart. More than you think you do. He won't shortchange you in life. Keep up the faith. God bless you, my friend.