Thursday, July 10, 2008

Senseless in Sabah (1)

Please click on the above image and scrutinize it.

Does it make any sense to you?

A child born to Filipino parents receives an official birth certificate and by default Malaysian citizenship as documented above.

It's not a fake or Photoshopped document.

It's been ongoing ever since Sabah fell into the treacherous hands of UMNO.

Millions of Filipino kids have received bumiputera citizenship.

It's stupid, dumb but politically beneficial.

It's even more mind boggling when you are alerted to the fact that so many professionals with priceless skills and talents are denied permanent residency in Malaysia despite years of invaluable service to the Malaysian community. One consultant general surgeon educated and trained in USA has been applying for permanent residency for sixteen years. He has been rejected each time.

Lastly, it's totally blood-boiling that an estimated 15,000 Malaysian Indians born and bred in Tanah Melayu are currently without valid ICs and classified as 'stateless'.

And that is why I am not impressed or alarmed by Lim Kit Siang's article on how the Sultan of Sulu/North Borneo/Sabah is currently issuing birth certificates to Filipino babies.

Who gives a rat's ass about the Sultan of Sulu when we have the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara doing the same thing for free for these Filipino/Indonesian/Pakistani kids?


CK said...

im glad tat you are back and seems like you are still in sabah. :)

i have heart attack reading all this outrageous things being done in our country. also, watching TV primetime news do the same to me too.

Kong said...

Give these evidence to the 'relevant' people and see how the firework goes.

You would be doing all of us a big favor.

Anonymous said...

This is a despicable act by the people in power i.e politicians and civil servants alike.

Nur Sarah Lam said...

I don't give a damn care about the news on TV anymore. I would rather google my news..stupid TV stations busy bombarding on how great our government and all, bullshit!

Alan said...

What more can we expect from a state which produced an MP whose culture is filled with profanity and vulgarness in the likes of Bung Mokhtar?

All I can say is serve the Sabahans right. And to Bung Mokhtar, I can see that you will be sitting the Sulu Parliament 5 years from now together with the Abu Sayyaf leaders. That's the place that tolerates antics like yours. Your uncouthness has not only brought shame to yourself, but also the constituency and state that voted you in.

If you look at the issue at hand from my point of view, perhaps it's the best solution to flush away idiots like Bung Mokhtar from tarnishing the image of our beloved country. Soon Sabah will not be part of Malaysia anymore and that's actually a very good thing.

Another POTS said...

Last week I just saw an Indonesian patient with infectious disease. We were in the process of preparation to send her back to her country as required by imigration law, when I found out more mind boggling history. She and her husband are Indonesian working in the country for the past 20 years. Her two children are born in Malaysia, have Malaysian IC, and study in government schools. We were in discussion whether she should be sent back to her origin country or not, and who's job to make sure she does.

fsl said...

many non-bumis have such a feeling :-

umno-bumi-- 1st class citizen

bumi (including the sons of illegal immigrants) -- 2nd class citizen

others ( chinese, indian, snakes, legal immigrants) -- 3rd class citizen

puff daddy said...

fsl: who are the snakes?

Kong said...

What's happening is treason. Would be good if we have a Town of London to behead them.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get one from?
I have been following the legal path for almost the past year - as I have a part Orang putih/filipino boy born in Sabah on 31st August 2007 and until now we haven't been able to get JPN to issue him a birth cert.

Shit - I would take a Sultan of Sulu certificate - if I could use it to get him his Australian Citizenship (joking of course)

Gho-st said...

If one of the parents is a permanent citizen and the child is born here, the child has a right to citizenship. Most developed country also have this policy.

Anonymous said...

I am quite confused..
shudn a child get citizenship of the place of his birth?
If you were to classify by parentage, then you parrot the same UMNO racism which would argue against you for your own citizenship despite your birth here - just because you ancestors trace from outside.

I firmly believe, one should have a right of the citizenship of the land one is born in.
Obviously in the case of Filipino, Indons - its a clear racist motive from govt.. but irrespective of it, everyone must have a RIGHT!