Monday, March 9, 2009

Four Braindrains And A Rotting Driftwood

Farewell, my dear friends. I know you will excel as immigrants once again...

SMS message from POTS:
So how are your Lion City plans? Any progress?

Reply from Dr. Bee:
On-going. Now waiting for contract n registration with Singapore Medical Council. Most likely will leave by end of June. Join us.

Come July, Malaysia will lose four very capable, talented and diligent doctors.

Dr. Aye, Dr. Bee, Dr. See and Dr. Dee are four medical officers who have served the people of Sabah to the best of their ability.

Despite proving their worth and passing the preliminary stages of their external exams, they have been denied an opportunity to pursue further training in the specialty of their interest.

“Be patient,” Dr. Aye and Dr. See were told.

With the sudden extension of housemanship to two years, there was seemingly nobody to replace them in the districts of Sabah till 2010 and even then, there is no assurance that they will be transferred to a proper training center.

“Be understanding,” Dr. Dee was told.

Despite fulfilling his years of service in Sabah, Dr. Dee was denied a transfer back to his hometown in Peninsular Malaysia. The state of Sabah is supposedly facing a healthcare crisis of immeasurable severity and all transfers back to Peninsular Malaysia are frozen indefinitely.

Strangely though, the local and national news agencies are virtually hushed on this matter of political interest. As the saying goes, their silence is deafening.

“We will not stop you from resigning,” Dr Bee was told.

The Malaysian Ministry of Health demonstrates its stupidity and ignorance with words such as these.

It goes to great length to preserve rotting driftwoods like Dr. Rikki but has no qualms practically pushing astute clinicians across the Tebrau straits.

Our bright and enlightened neighbours at the south cannot be faulted for jumping at the opportunity to welcome and receive these four Malaysian ‘rejects’.

The unwanted citizens of one racist nation become the priceless assets of a capitalist city.

They are not the first and certainly won’t be the last.

My four dear friends, I wish you all the utmost and the best in your future undertakings.

I know you will all excel in all that you pursue.

And yes, I do envy your freedom and liberation from idiocracy like the SKT and SLAB programs.


the rejected one said...

ya..... and Yes to everything to wrote!!!!

Good bye malaysian...and welcome all the filipino graduates and of course our great long serving burmist

sl said...

join the group, to leave! the coutry abandon us, why are we still want to sink with them?

they are all racist people taking care of their won cronies!

when the country has no petro, it's the time it starts to sink.

jump now.... the grass might not be greener, but it's certainly not green here!

Anonymous said...

wei la

Anonymous said...

4 only....more to come POTS!!!
even our "Quota" bumiputra are leaving the so called their land!!! and ofcourse never look back !!!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard the phrase 'only the rats leave the sinking ship'.
The captain, and loyal crew stay on to fight the sinking.

While I empathise with the 4, and similar countless others, the simple fact is that they are only looking at their own interests.

With that attitude, one will not be happy anywhere. Maybe happy for a while during the 'honeymoon' period. But then reality sinks in. Life is NEVER totally fair ANYWHERE. You're kidding yourself if you think 'the other place' is perfect.

Buddha says 'Life Sucks' or something like that.
It stops sucking only one changes one's attitude, and one's response to adversity.

Product of the System said...

We can quote phrases and great spiritual leaders and all that.

Fact remains leaving one's country of birth is always the last resort and mostly out of desperation.

Can you fault one for that?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous
pls don't insult Buddhism or any other religion if you are not sure of what you say.

Anonymous said...

Desperation is a response; and we can choose the way we react. Lab rats don't have a choice, human beings do.

One way of forgetting one's own dissatisfaction/discomfort/pain is to concentrate on others.

If the system is truly as bad as described, then why not work to improve it. Stop the ship from sinking.
From what I hear, the health services in Sabah are terrible; we hope that our young doctors have the passion to not just rave against the inustice suffered by the people of Sabah, but also to stick it out and help to remedy it.

Don't say it's impossible; every little bit counts.

A philosopher(?) named Michael J once said that change comes from the 'Man in the Mirror'.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous who quoted everywhere to stay and fight, you have no idea how it is in the medical field.

stay on and improve the system at sabah? how about stop quoting there and fly over to do it yourself?

the way it is now, contributing and useful citizens are being taken advantage of by the lazy and incompetent leeches.

This is what I want to say to you, POTS:

Come back after we destroyed this sick Malaysia for this is our home. If you love your country, stop contributing.

Product of the System said...


I've already your post on that.

People stay back for many reasons, mostly personal and individualised and not always altruistic.

Hence the opening theme for my blog for now: Stuck and stranded.

sl said...

to anonymous,

i'd like to invite u to come to sabah to experince it urself... for one week or so... to tag with one medical officer in a district, just to tag and feel it

don't think that u've come to sabah just because u've 'seen' kota kinabalu. when i say districts, it means places like ranau, kota marudu, pitas, kudat, kota belud, pulau banggi...

u tag there for one week and go back and make another command on this blog again.

if u don;t dare. just shut up.

if u couldn;t find anyone to tag with. i can help u to look for one.

to change the system...? r u a malaysian? now i doubt if u have ever live in offence..

Anonymous said...

i was in ranau for a year...i find the district service experience both challenging and incredulous at the same time - i had my one and only experience with a siamese twin resus (??) there, and first-hand experience of refusing to sign an invoice for a stamp (chop) worth RM 25!!

i have since left government service to serve in an NGO (different experience, similar frustations), and have contemplated to leave for greener pastures overseas

listening to all the rumblings from my friends still left in Sabah I came to a similar conclusion that the situation is hopeless there - but if we are not to change it who will?

perhaps one day i will rejoin government service and serve back again in Sabah...