Monday, March 23, 2009

Ukrainian CPR, Russian Life Support and the Boris Yeltsin Classification of Heart Failure

I resuscitated a corpse today. Needless to say, I failed.

Ukrainian CPR, Russian Life Support and the Boris Yeltsin Classification of Heart Failure

I resuscitated a corpse today. Needless to say, I failed.

I pumped air and fluids and drugs into a man who was already dead.

Ahmad (not his real name) was stiff as a log by the time I was referred to him, more of a cadaver than a human being in distress.

It was not difficult to see why.

The first house officer was breaking his ribs instead of pumping his heart.

His counterpart had no experience in setting an intravenous cannula ever before.

The third of the trio simply stood by – an idle spectator in the midst of chaos. He should have brought some popcorn with him instead of a stethoscope.

The three had one thing in common – they graduated from medical schools in Ukraine and Russia.

I don’t blame the house officers for the patient’s death.

I blame the deceitftul agents that lured parents into parting with their hard-earned money to pay for a medical education in Russia and Ukraine.

I blame Malaysian parents for coercing and sometimes forcing their offspring to pursue a medical degree despite clear suggestions that their children might not make successful doctors.

I blame the universities that make Malaysian students labor for six years in a foreign land learning a foreign language only to end up as clueless, incompetent quasi-doctors.

I blame the Malaysian Medical Council who for reasons best known to them, accorded unconditional recognition to institutions that are way below par.

I blame the healthcare authorities for allowing half-baked medical graduates to roam about causing immeasurable harm and untold horror.

I blame the public for creating and perpetuating this erroneous impression that the medical profession is highly lucrative and glamorous.

Regular followers of national events will recall the controversy surrounding Crimea State Medical University (CSMU) back in June 2005 where the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) decided to abruptly derecognize the medical school.

This was done so despite earlier recognition and accreditation by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

Worse, some of the CSMU students were actually government scholars sent over there on tax payer’s money.

After many unruly and loud parliamentary debates, during which a deputy minister was suspended and a barrage of racist remarks were fired by Nazri Aziz, all students already in CSMU then were finally allowed to practice medicine in Malaysia upon graduation.

The flip-flop decision by the Malaysian Medical Council has proven to be a very costly mistake.

At present, hundreds of medical graduates from Russian and Ukrainian universities especially CSMU are out without a leash in our government hospitals.

Most of them don’t know pharmacology or physiology.

Most can’t perform simple clinical procedures like urinary catheterization and intravenous cannulation.

Most can’t deliver acute care to a patient in distress.

They are not well-versed with common medical terms and classifications.

In short, they are a different breed altogether.

The Malaysian Medical Council should be ashamed of itself.

So should all the politicians who campaigned fiercely for unconditional recognition of the CSMU graduates back in 2005 without first understanding the issue in depth.

The MMC should have stuck to its guns and derecognized CSMU if it truly believed in the provision of a safe and sensible healthcare. These graduates from Ukraine and Russia could have been given a grace period of retraining under close observation.

If they prove to be incompetent and fail to meet the minimal standards, they could have been retired from service. It’s how the rules of employment work in most parts of the world.

Instead, they were made instant doctors.

In the process, ill patients were made into instant victims.

What we need urgently now is a way to address these obvious shortcomings among these house officers before they become medical officers and make lethal and illogical decisions.

This is by no means an irrational stigma or witchhunt.

Medical graduates from local universities should not be spared as well.

I am not blindly biased in favor of local graduates for which I am one myself.

Bottomline is this: Malaysians deserve to demand proper healthcare from the government they elected.

It’s not too much to ask, or is it?


sojourner said...

did this happen on the night you were on call and all your patients were collapsing? why not write about the untold horrors to the newspapers? might shake the public up..

DocIncognito said...

Unfortunately, I have had my own share of similar experiences. I've witnessed house officers from Russia who couldn't clerk cases, delivered overenthusiastic chest compressions during CPR and inserted a NG tube by jamming it down a patients nose. Worst still some have very poor basic medical knowledge. Of course, there are good house officers who were educated in Russia and local graduates are not without their problems...but deficits in medical knowledge and skill just seem to be significantly more prevalent among those who come from the country up north. Sometimes I pity them, but professional standards have to be upheld.

The best way to do this would be retrain those found to be underqualified, both LOCAL and FOREIGN grads. It would be for everyone's good. Just imagine the amount of lawsuits that would occur in Malaysia if incompetency in the medical profession becomes the norm. I shudder at the thought.

pilocarpine said...

one of them actually diluted thiopentone instead of augmentin for a patient going for C-section...

guess how the anaest MO face was at that time after given it?

ray said...

my goodness, another shocking revelation.

what's the point of going to hospital if the doctors/houseman can't alleviate suffering?

pilocarpine said...

this is a horror created by multiple parties, which have to own up.

going to the local paper will tarnish the public service further and sneaky lawyers will sue government and we will lose more taxpayers' money

DI said...

How dare you suggest the government or MMC take the blame pilocarpine? Don't you know that we in Bolehland have a 'perfect' that has never owned up and apologized because it is always right!

Seriously though, I don't think there's enought political will to solve this problem and impove standards of care in government hospitals...after all this is Bolehland, where semua pun BOLEH!

Anonymous said...

after reading few of your articles, i must admit.. u do need help, are u schizophrenic or sumthing, u seem so disturbed, angry, confused, full of hatred, disgust, and immature i might add. schizoid as i'd like to assume u were well before such hatred begets you. wut happened is very much obvious in ur writings, res ipsa lo quitor, but u do need help. get a partner, masturbate, get midazolam, anything will ya, heck quit your job, dont be healthcare provider, for a doctor, u are not. the oath u swore upon spits on you, twat.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, we shouldn't judge where do they graduate from but as an individual instead. I personally think that some housemen graduated from Russia are quite competent and some local graduates are less competent as compared to them. Moreover the local graduates were trained here during their practical years during med school.

Product of the System said...

Dear Anonymous (the venom-spitting, fire-tongued one),

Eh, macha, you grad from Russia ah?

Anonymous said...

im a russian medical student in currently studying in moscow, will be joining the MOH workforce in 2010. of course this news and many others are sad news to me, they are after all my university mates/russian mates. but out of all this, i hope the MO/specialist/head of department will judge each HO individually be it russian or local, if the HO is good then congratulate them, if the HO is bad, then punish them

Docx said...

It is also our job to guide n teach them fellow colleagues, not crtiticize n insult only.

There is no point in doing the latter.

which unis r the HOs from?

Anonymous said...

I believe a phrase - there are always bad apples...

hmm..but there are too many bad apples here! =P

Anonymous said...

well.... i guess they should stop blamming russian and ukrainians because the malaysian local university are not excellent either...if the locals graduate happens to be so successful, the european countries wouldnt have banned the malaysian med degrees...i think we should not point at each other. as said,not all the graduates from russia n ukraine are bad....there are definitely good ones...perhaps the bad one never attended the classes while studying and end up paying (bribe) during examination.scrutinizing the reasons, all the drs learn and improve their skills by experience. as for the mmc, this is an organization which as i know have never had a firm and clear reasons for each of their actions.....perhaps it need a mojor exchange in power of authority......

Anonymous said...

A question - if the patient was already a cadaver and stiff as a log, why did you proceed with resuscitation?

And secondly, from my experience, you NEED to be able to break ribs sometimes. Many people are reluctant to exert sufficient pressure during chest compressions, which is ridiculous. Chest compressions only exert energy in double digit joules, and if you are too hessitant, then you are doing your patient a disservice.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

AM iN said...

scary story but funny blog! i dont know which is worse ; the fact that the ukranian med graduates made a HUGE FATAL mistake or the blogger trying to generalize the idea of some incompetent INDIVIDUAL mistakes and blame our own POLITICAL SYSTEM because of it....

Here's a thought - why DON'T some students from BOARDING SCHOOL achieve straight A's in PMR & SPM?

Yes, Malaysia deserves so much to get a high quality medical service. A high quality medical service consist of great doctors which are caring, smart, DECENT, HELPFUL, POSITIVE and always try to make the system better.

Since you made fun of other people mistakes and posted it on your blog while blamed the unrelated party, does it make you a great doctor?

If you want look for a mistake, look in the mirror.

P/S; correction -> there is NO SUCH THING as Boris Yeltsin Classification of Heart Failure, YOU'VE MADE THAT UP, i guess you know who Boris Yeltsin is before you put his name

GOD said...

dear blogger, do u really think you're proving how smart you are with this lame medical-related blog of yours? think about it for awhile, then think a lil more.....then proceed to the mirror for a shameful cry.......oh im sure you don't understand wut im trying to tell u here.....besides, you ARE a doctor with a shiny degree so you ACTUALLY think u're SMART in every way!

WanTAn said...

Hello, as a MO, is it your obligation to teach your HO?

..and do you expect your child to know everything once they enter Form 1 although they've learned for 6 years during primary school?...

Product of the System said...

Dear AM iN,

Sarcasm is wasted upon you.

Of course there is no Boris Yeltsin Classification of Heart Failure!

God bless you - you'll need it.

So do I.

But not from that GOD - the one who accuses me of proclaiming I'm smart.

Obviously this GOD is not omnipresent and all-knowing for if GOD has indeed read my previous posts, GOD will find very self-depreciating notes in this blog.

So much for posting a comment as GOD.

I wonder who is grandious here?

And to Anonymous (the last one),

Have you tried teaching the unteachable?

A willing teacher is of no use unless the student is willing to learn.

Anyway, my conscience is clear.

I'd answer to myself and to the real GOD.


DocIncognito said...

Oh my, this post has degenerated into a heated 'debate'. Chill people.
POTS has expressed his opinions, and I'm sure he's not doing this for the 'fun' of it.

Indeed, many senior doctors are concerned about the competency of their Russian housemen. Flame me if you wish, but I believe that in most cases their concern is justified. Work in any government hospital for a month and you'll know what I mean. Any houseman(local/Russia/India/UK/Aust/US/NZ for that matter) with poor knowledge but a good attitude is redeemable, one with no aptitude or attitude is beyond rescue. Housemanship is a period of training, to further REFINE one's clinical skills. It is NOT the place to learn UNDERGRADUATE medicine! That's how it is, not just in Malaysia, but all over the world!

To: 'GOD' and 'Am in'. I'm guessing you guys are either Russian medical graduates or have strong affiliations to them(agent or relative). Your emotionally-charged responses do not speak well of the Russian education system. In fact, it speaks volumes about a lack of education. Criticism hurts the ego, but it is necessary for personal improvement. I suppose both of you would start worshiping me if I started another medcial blog and started espousing the wonderful, virtuous qualities of Russian housemen, eh? Even if it were a lie?

JeRuNg RaKsaSa said...

hi dude...

im currently studying in russia...
no offence was taken...

just take into consideration this facts
"how patients in russia and ukrain survive from those incompetence HO"

LOL... even medicine developed earlier in this country compare to malaysia...
i just wonder how...

u are sick said...

Dude... what is wrong with you ????
I sense hate and fear in you ....
I bet you are a MO in that hospital ... As a MO ... your duty is to guide your HO ... not tease them .... imagine what kind of mental trauma they would have when they read your blog .....
You have no heart ... worse than an animal ... u should stop ....stop teasing them ... help them .......

AM iN said...

to DocIncognito ->

For MANY parts you're absolutely RIGHT!!

I wasn't emotional at all but i was just tired of seeing/experiencing/hearing many senior malaysian doctors giving a BIG BAD label to ALL Russian/ukranian graduates (in this blog it mentions that the mistake is committed by ukranian graduate, but why russia has to be mentioned by the blogger -> russia & ukraine are 2 DIFFERENT countries, even if they are not, it still doesnt give any right to the blogger to make a bad label to all OTHER graduates) much for talking about justify & refined skills, eh? who forgot to check the emotions, was it me or the blogger?

"In fact, it speaks volumes about a lack of education" -> which volume unit are you talking about? have you even met/tested ALL of russian&ukranian graduates? 3=3 , 50=50, 3 is not 50 wonder malaysia's medical system always lack doctors.

"I suppose both of you would start worshiping me if I started another medcial blog and started espousing the wonderful, virtuous qualities of Russian housemen, eh? Even if it were a lie?" -> dont let me start on this one. WORSHIPING you because you TELL LIES?! watch your words!!! you don't get to say that. do you even know me???? i guess im not the only one who is emotional and egoistic, DocInsufieciento....

P/S - tell me why you like your a** to be worshipped & kissed???

Moscow Medical Academy Student said...

Sad but true.
I am a medical student from Russia as well. Best part is, i or rather WE did not choose to come here. We are all scholars sent here by either JPA or MARA.

If you were to google "Moscow Medical Academy" it is ranked by UNESCO as the second best medic Uni in the world. DO NOT be fooled by this. Cuz i was one who was fooled as well. Only after i landed in Moscow did i know that "2nd best in the world" is specifically granted to the Russian Medium of this medical school. We Malaysians are doing the English medium...& i must say it's an utter shame that the Government actually spent millions of tax payers money to send us all here to study medicine. The teaching facilities/methods of the English medium here is way below par...way below that of a 3rd world country even. Some classrooms here even resemble the ones we have in our kampungs in rural areas such as Sabah & Sarawak. (so much for sending us here all the way to Moscow to EXPERIENCE this!)

For your information, this so called Moscow Medical 'Academy' DOES NOT even have a campus to begin with. Classes are scattered all over Moscow. (eg:Klang,PJ,Subang,Kajang,etc.).
We students are forced to travel everyday via Metro, or by foot or bus to attend classes. Also, there are many a time when we would have traveled so far to attend classes only to be told once we've reached there that classed are canceled!

The Government could have spent the money more wisely to educate us all in M'sia/Singapore/India.We get paid almost USD700 per month which i believe is a huge amount of tax payers money. However, i doubt we will bring back much knowledge to be able to help the patients back home.

While there are some of us who save & spend the money wisely due to the high cost of living here, there are a huge majority of private & sponsored students who come here juz to ENJOY. FREQUENT Alcohol parties,weekend getaways,world tours, & shopping sprees are very common among students here. The lifestyle of many Malaysians change tremendously once they came here. They behave even worse than the "Mat Sallehs" here. Malaysian girls here for instance would walk around ever so skimpily leaving nothing to the imagination(even during winter!)Watever happen to the MALAYSIAN CULTURE? Many here have even lost their virginity at the young tender age of 18 or 19 simply because a guy or girl can walk in ever so easily into the rooms of the opposite sex. Believe it or not,we have heard SEX sounds even! Many Malaysian medical students behave as though they have no self dignity or watsoeva. (However, they potray the best behaviour once they land in Malaysia like as though they are the best Malaysian angels...sadly, we all know their true colours when they are here in Moscow. HYPOCRITES!!!).These Malaysians are surely to be huge dissapointments to their families as well as to the nation.Exams & studies are the LEAST priority/favourite of many who are here. I wonder why did some people choose to study medicine in the very 1st place.

Let me also give u an insight of the education system here. You want to know why the majority of Russian grads are so incompetent & useless? Well,1st & foremost we can get away with cheating ever so easily during tests & exams. You may ask how. Many students here aren't bothered about being honest for themselves. Many juz merely do the bare minimum of studying & copy their friend's answers or directly from the books during tests/exams. These students fail to realise that they are only cheating themselves. The one who helps with the cheating is also going to lose out in the end once he/she is out of medic school & into the real working world. Another method which works really well for the girls is simply to shed some crocodile TEARS during tests/exams & instantly the lecturer/tutor would grant her a mere's still a pass u know (better than a fail). How is this fair to some students like me who slog day & night mugging & studying extremely hard with the simple intention of graduating as competent doctors? After all, these cheaters would be graduating with a MD certificate as well & turn out to be the bad apples in the healthcare system in Malaysia & thus leading Senior Doctors to generalise & say that ALL Russian Grads are INCOMPETENT! Does anyone have any idea how frustrating this is?

Many students who sit for exams/tests earlier would simply snap a photo of the different set of questions & answers & then distribute it to the rest of the students who have yet to sit for their exams. How is this helping anyone? Can u even call this an EXAM? Does it fit the definition of an exam? So,can u imagine wat kind of Doctors we're producing here? A bunch of cheaters, liars, & irresponsible future doctors! That's the TRUTH!

Now, no wonder countries like the UK refuse to accept Russian Medical grads for their Postgraduate courses. Simply because we have never even sat for a PROPER exam per say throughout our 6years of study here. Look at the UK universities/colleges, do they even allow any student of theirs to bring in PDA's,camera handphones,bags,books into the exam venue? Do they allow any exam candidate to communicate with another fellow candidate once the question paper has been distributed? Do students know the exact sample of questions & answers prior to the exams? HELL NO! These only happen in good old Mother Russia!
So,Wake up people!!!

So, to those of you all who are planning to send any of your offsprings to Russia for a Medical Degree, please, im begging you, think again. You're not only going to lose your money, but also perhaps the good name & dignity of your family.

This is merely an opinion of mine & not directed to insult,degrade or humiliate anyone. I believe there is nothing wrong in sharing my opinion.

Anonymous said...


1. You cant differentiate a corpse from an alive person?

2. You are suppose to break ribs while doing CPR (correctly)

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous (the venom-spitting, fire-tongued one),

let me tell u a thing about life. No body is of who u think they are. everyone has their special sumthing, n everyone has a skeleton in d closet. no matter how perfect some may appear to you, he sure has some imperfections. then again, another lousy messed up guy is never always wrong, he sure is perfect in a thing or two, it may not just be his time. patience, have faith, its about living. y bother life when everything is so perfect. take it as a challenge for at the end of the day it is all worth it. God is never cruel. Perfectly imperfect, is just humane, and doctors are nonetheless human. ppl make mistakes, ppl also make success. have faith. I'm from melaka-manipal. about these grudge u have against russians, well i'm sure they had not wanted things to be as it is. i suppose the system they were in is responsible. try putting urself in d situation, empathize, u'd understand. their system is different, doesnt mean its all wrong, im sure they have their own strength. and they shall come through in time. have faith.

Anonymous said...

dun be personal. The quality of a doctor is more depended of the individual factors. If he willing to learn, then he will be succeed. Despite saying this, they are still a lots of HO which are untrainable.

zdrasvui said...

personally, i think, u cannot just make a generalization. not ALL students from russia or ukraine are bad. some of them, who really work hard during their studies have no problems. furthermore, there r also a lot of students graduating from india, indonesia, even uk and ireland who still make major mistakes and cannot master simple manipulatons during their practice. UNFORTUNATELY, u got to see or supervise the bad ones from russia n ukraine. but u should be aware that there r others graduating from russia n ukraine with better work quality. it is not fair enough to jugde the horror nightmare of CPR you have seen with ur own eyes and make a general conclusion. How about the others students from russia n ukraine working as HO now at other hospitals all over malaysia ?? i bet u have't observe yet how they work. my conclusion, u were just being UNLUCKY to got those interns under ur supervision (if u r their MO who r training them). there are also good one out there...

moscowstudent said...

do you mind telling me which hosp are u MO-ing at? i am a future Moscow grad and from what i see, you are already biased so tell me so i can avoid u in the future or maybe u could be my challenge? :D

NCS said...

Dear Product Of The System, when i sat for induksi years ago, i bought the General Order for civil servant and go through that useless book from page one to the last..... What i want to tell u is, please write a proper complaint letter to your superior and inform them on the things that had happen. You are at fault if you do not report these useless jokers to KKM according to G.O

NCS said...

Dear all, according the Pekeliling Am, if you notice a incompetent worker, you are at fault if you do not report these jokers to the superior officer. Please write a proper complaint letter to your respective superior. This is what i practiced. Why? Cause houseman now a days are all cry babies. If you scold them, they will report to the consultant that you are bullying them. Thus, nowadays, when i scolded a stupid fool, i will go and report to the specialist in charge either verbal or written to address my reason of scolding a stupid houseman and suggest for action........ Please kill those joker properly and please don't argue on net. Your patient may be reading all this posts. Thank you

pilocarpine said...

looks like POTS is under attack from russia...

+ expose on the real russian situation...

and lots of 'anonymous' throwing fits on your sarcasm...

i guess you generalizing is bad, but it's really not far from the real estimate...

the saddest ppl on earth are still the ppl who doesn't know but thinks he/she knows...

Anonymous said...

helo blogger
im a student from russia,1st n foremost il like to thank u acctualy for your is giving me more boost to work harder in medical school to break this presumptive attitude of most ppl and prove u wrong in ur thesis abt all russian grads r bad.uve made me stick to the fight once again n not quit... but then again, i think personally u have hurt many peoples feelings. your intention might be good,i dont noe,bt the way u hv xpressed it, its not very nice. not all students who come to russia r as wat s u sed.if im given a chance, i will definitely choose to go some where else too ... russia was the only option based on the financial status of my family. i did not get in2 local uni bcoz my stpm results gave way,bt that was bcoz of some disaster during xamination,bt falling once doesnt mean i should gv up rite.tats y MOST of us pursue medicine here. i do admit,most of the times i get very frustrated wit the system here,im sad tat i dont noe alot of things,im jealous wit ppl who have the money to go to better country,or local ppl with contacts wit local governmental officers to get in local uni....but then again what can i do?MONEY SPEAKS LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE!! im willing to wat eva means..4 wat eva it would be nice of u if you can post up in ur blog the common books used in malaysia so tat im not stuck wit stupid russian book terminologies wch r soo outdated n only used in russia...i really wan 2 b in tis profession bcoz thrs natin else ill b good at.....thank you very much in advance and i do apologize if any part of my comment has been rude

Civilian said...

how scary!im ordinary medical related.i dont want to be treated by CSMU doc.owh plss im scared!dude im serious

Product of the System said...


Of everything that this blog intends to achieve, it is definitely not to attach a negative stigma.

Everybody screws up sometimes.

I am no exception.

Product of the System said...


Yes, I am under attack.

Lucky no nuke weapons so far.

Wei, how come O&G MO so free ah?

Anonymous said...

oh damn, lots of sarcasm and truth running around the comments. such an unbelievable toxic mix with, unfortunately to say, zero consequence at all

im feeling quite ambivalent. at most parts while reading im just laughing out loud. for once, how the hell did u came out with 'Boris Yeltsin Classification of Heart Failure'??? haha sure you do tickle my bone. another one was the polite request from a moscow student. dear my i would really like to avoid you too! (though i really hope you are the type of doctor with double personalities, not as mean as you are in real life than in your writing)

at points i feel. well how to say, a little 'blemished'. as what was written in such length by a Moscow Medical Academy Student. most are true, however sad and distressing they are. but then again, you (POTS) and i share something in common. we are definitely 'the products of the system'.

so here's my little view on all this thing.

i don't give a damn.

not to say im having grudges against you. just that, i don't really give a damn.

the only thing is that, more graduates from Russia and Ukraine are coming. a bigger number this year, and more next year. that's a profound fact. i don't know whether this will be a nightmare for you. im sure not a fortune teller. but here's what some things can happen.

1. most will realise being a doctor is not for them, so they quit

2. some will try, but eventually fail because of the immense pressure and demand (and maybe could be because you dear POTS). no pun intended

3. a few will try, have depression at some point but in the end preservere. because they are resilient, because they want to be a doctor. and they are incorruptible, because they believe what they are doing is right.

maybe you will prefer no. 1 happen. but then again, maybe you could try or hope so that no. 3 happens a bit more. how? well your conscience is clear. whatever it is can be done. either

1. do nothing. yup, doing nothing is a choice.

2. a drastic action. ask the MMC do recognise russian universities. a lil too much to ask for, since politicians, parents, etc etc will try to discredit you. + the debate could go on for centuries.

3. or maybe you just continue teaching these so called unteachables. ugh that's gotta be hard, but that's part & parcel of your job anyway.

4. you pray more (pray is always a good option), so that they will improve themselves.

5. be a good leader. reprogram them into what they are supposed to be, not what was indoctrinated by the system.

whatever the choices are my friend, the more of us are coming to you this year, and the following years. that is the only thing i can assure you.

Anonymous said...

I am a product of the system and I have to admit that I am NOT proud of it.

The system here is in dire need of repair. Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the medical system has just eroded and it still show no signs of improvement especially with the ongoing global economy downturn.

However that aside, sad to say, the majority of Malaysian students here are a rather lazy bunch. (I'm sure most of you would agree )

I would agree and support an external board exam being held for all Malaysian graduates returning from overseas before being allowed to enter the houseman-ship program.

Anonymous said...

3 bad apples don't spoil the whole bunch of docs. Its a generalized post , and i am even more worried to be POTS' patient than any of the "unteachables" he spoke of. His medical skills may be good but his attitude makes him a terrible care giver! In fact, he sounds like an over-worked man who is dissatisfied with his career and life. U poor thing!

Anonymous said...

dear previous anonymous

i would strongly disagree with the external board exam thing. why? 2 things

1. its a logistical nightmare. you need laws, examiners, venues, time, people, doctors, professional assessments, government employees. do we really need another red tape?

2. n most important. it defeats the WHOLE purpose of recognising foreign universities for studies. why go to 'recognised' universities to come back and do exam anyway? hmmm kind of beating around the bush doesn't it?

i would say people who support about external board exam are morons. if you do need them, throw away any form of recognition of universities. just go to any uni, and come back for exam. simple.

Anonymous said...

the products are bad dont deny it,how can you understand human body if you dont understand how action potential occured and for the mo hi is a bad one and when he turn to be a specialist he will be the worst.

Anonymous said...

Haha, make a guess about why JPA and MARA decided to send students to Ukraine, Russia, India and Indonesia at all?

Because they are the only ones that return to Malaysia.. After all the bad press I have read from the internet, I am probably not going back too.. Unless I am not good enough to secure a job in the advanced and civilized country of Australia!!!

Anonymous said...

1stly..i would like to tell the blog owner..its true..if u say that russian student n ukraine students might not good..but..whish freshman who jz graduate will be as good as a MO?they do not have any experience n they r learning it..and yet..nt all russia students are bad..if u say alot is bad..pls..think about urself when u are doin ho..did u ever do wrong things as well?ppl learned from mistakes instead of repeating matter how..if the patient die infront the HO who cant save them.u think they will happy?do u think tat they wont regret or sad?every human hav feelings man..n be more tolerate to those freshman..if they hav mistakes..TEACH them..instead of blame n scold matter how..if ur attitude is like would a ho learned from mo?then when they bcome mo..they repeating the same thing to the ho..then..msia habis la..since all doc din learned anything during ho other than scolding ppl n blaming ppl..

to MMA student: ello!?JPA student..u don wiling to come here bt goverment is sponsering u to here..they ask u to learn ur knowledge not follow they all cheat in exams..and yet..what yr are u in now?ppl cheat..but doesnt means that EVERYONE cheats..the class scattered all a good thing that u can walk around moscow instread od staying in ur own room and bcome a katak bawah tempurung..althogh classroom all is like very bad condition..but lecturers are confirm sure that they hav qualities DUDE! RESEARCH ur own lecturer's name on google n see whr they graduate! and excuse me..wat girls shed their crocodile tears then teacher pass them!?u don come n bullshit around..thr is no teachers would do so in finals...they pass..oso get zacut oni..mayb is ur fren who did this..i nt sure about it..and fren..u say all private student enjoy shopping etc etc..hav u ever think that..they might save on other expenses such as food expenses?they eat lesser n save the money for them to shop?and yet..i see MOSTLY goverment student who shopping like crazy n went trip every year instead of private student..there are still alot of students who don shop or travel in moscow..don just bcoz alot of ur fren do so..then u think everyone oso the same..HELLO!?OPEN UR EYES pls!?Moscow student some really do study..n not fooling around wasting time n money at here..u say alot ppl is not studyin bcz most of ur fren don study i guess thats why u made a conclusion that everyone here just cheat during exams with bOOKS~? wow..i guess..u nvr been to any finals b4? i remember..during finals..ur bags must leave at the corner or somewhr else..which u cant reach n u are oni allowed to bring pencil case..n yet..hp can bring in is bcz lecturer dowan u to lost ur phone during exams...n lecturer do walk around to find students who r cheating in the finals..and yet..student from mma can apply postgraduate to uk's universities BUT u hav to take test..did u ever ask b4 u say this fact?if u really pass the exams..why they dont accept u as a postgraduate student?
another thing is..u say u heard sex sound..u sure that is real sound instead of movie sound??msian student are nt living together with msian other than those who living in pushkin,kuzmin and yet..there are roommates who oso staying inside...there's no privacy..and yet..this doesnt means that it oni will happen in moscow russia..IT HAPPENS IN EVERYWHR if the person is so active in can u say that there's no such things happening in msia?am i rite?don judge any single thigns as negative hen u cant accept it.. offence..jz..wanted to say out my opinion..u guys can disagree my opinion if u wanted n god bless

kay wai k. said...

I am a Ukrainian graduate.And damn proud of it.
but i mean wats the big deal?
all i get everyday is trace result,take blood,clerk case and get harassed on wards by MOs and specialists.
and these MOs talk as if they were much better than us.they did more calls,did more stuff.
I am sick of the malaysian system.
how long do i have to wait to get proper training?my MO like to ask me things like how do u read CXR,read ECG,read CT-like i am some school kid.
also pimping on anatomy telling me I cant cut unless i know EVERYTHING.
hey we are here to learn?hello!!!!
when i dont eat lunch or go home at 7pm,nobody says anything,but when i didnt trace results,they make noise.
Malaysian doctors can really Poddah

samraat said...

Anonymous said...

khoo kay wai u are real childish for making such comments.
please not further embaress any more russian/ukrainian grads.

Anonymous said...

Im a nurse, 10 years experience. its true that most of russia/ukraine graduates are bad doctors. They even make a stupid n unforgivable mistake like injecting the patient using a wrong syringe.. however, im not a stereotype person who would blame all russia/ukraine graduates.. but, i've never seen the doctor graduated from these countries can perform well in working. i believe they are not stupid, but they are placed in a wrong place. im working as a nurse for 15 years, and facing with russia/ukraine graduate for 6 years, which about 30-40 doctors, but none of them good enough, they cant do even basic things... i wonder what they were learning in university..

Anonymous said...

Im a nurse, 10 years experience. its true that most of russia/ukraine graduates are bad doctors. They even make a stupid n unforgivable mistake like injecting the patient using a wrong syringe.. however, im not a stereotype person who would blame all russia/ukraine graduates.. but, i've never seen the doctor graduated from these countries can perform well in working. i believe they are not stupid, but they are placed in a wrong place. im working as a nurse for 15 years, and facing with russia/ukraine graduate for 6 years, which about 30-40 doctors, but none of them good enough, they cant do even basic things... i wonder what they were learning in university..

Anonymous said...

Medic Guardian

First and foremost, get your facts right bitch.
Russian system is much better than the local system.
you're just prejudiced.
I doubt you even know shit from your head to your neck.
If you wanna blame the Russian graduates, just blame those mara and jpa pigs who are being passed by the Msian gov.
and Russian doctors aren't so stupid as to nuke your house and harm the surrounding innocent people with radiation.

iamwhoiam said...

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