Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Beginning of the End?

Just as I had expected, treatment of my recently diagnosed medical condition has turned me into a dull and stoned person if not already, prior to this.

I have been struggling to think and write but each time the blank page of Microsoft Word appears, my goes as blank as the white screen.

There is no motivation to pen my thoughts, no drive to make any shocking exposẻ and no irritation to the things that usually drive me up the wall.

Is this the beginning of the end of POTS?

Or is this the beginning of another beginning, one with a more subdued and mellow version of myself?

Was all my supposed righteous rebellion the result of misguided neurons instead of an inherent sense of right and wrong?

Am I now my true self, the personality I am suppose to possess all this while without the influence of a deranged physiology?

Will I be happy rediscovering a fresh identity or will I cling on to a deceased self that continues to linger around for a while?


Anonymous said...

No, don't go away. We want to read many many more posts of yours. Just stay.

joe said...


u needs to sleep..

i had read from your previous entry that you hardly sleep.

sleep is a must..is a way of our body rejuvenating..

and ..our country is not perfect...

there are people do mistakes..somehow has affected us..

don't take it to deep..

you can comment on it..give some advice/ solution...but NEVER NEVER obsessed about it..

sometime we have to let go and move on..

i think you work to hard...
may be holiday outside the country like UK do help..

AIRASIA on megasale.. check it out..

samraat said...


Inspector Clouseau said...

Nice work. I came across your blog while “blog surfing” using the “Next Blog” button in the Nav Bar at the top of my blogspot blog. I occasionally just check out other blogs to see what others are doing.