Sunday, March 2, 2008

And Another to the Lame Christian Leaders.

A rebuke in love and grace.

“With such persons thou shalt not even eat”….the NECF especially their former chairman a Rev. Datuk Dr. have been cozying up to the MCA and Gerakan politicians. How else would he have attained the Datuk title and wear it with pride wherever he goes?

“Relieve the oppressed”….their lack of empathy with HINDRAF demonstrates the shortsightedness of the NECF leaders. Of the UMNO Islamists can target Hindu temples, there is no assurance that they won’t be going after the Christian churches next.Has the NECF even seen videos of the beatings and assaults suffered by the HINDRAF members? Does the NECF even realise how many "amicable" efforts have been attempted by the HINDRAF leadership prior to their rally? Does the NECF know of the empty promises and stinking bull shit given by Khir Toyo and Nazri Aziz prior to HINDRAF's uprising?

“Seek justice”….the NECF’s plea for responsible Christian citizenship is hollow and hypocritical if they do not support the call for free and fair elections. There is no point quoting scripture verses to support a "healthy relationship with the authories" if the authorities have no interest in forging one with Christians. Jesus spoke as he saw fit, with little regard to the listener. In love, in anger, Jesus spoke as he had to.

“My people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge”….Berita NECF quotes nothing but articles from the BN-manipulated mainstream media. Like katak di bawah tempurung, the NECF is seemingly unaware that there are two sides to a coin, and not everything they read in the mainstream media is gospel truth.

“Whoever is not against me, is for me”….the actions of many opposition parties are far ‘more Christian’ than any of the BN component parties. The NECF shies away from having any association with them, afraid of the possible unfavorable consequences that might follow like, maybe Gerakan will no longer allow NECF to hold their grand banquets at its hall?

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