Sunday, March 2, 2008

The day the Chinese will change is when....

How can we ever justify our opposition to NEP when some are indirectly endorsing it?

The Chinese People that I Truly Detest

Firstly let me clarify - I am Chinese.

I am proud to be one and I had better be because there is nothing I can do to change myself from being yellow man, unless I do a Michael Jackson and blame it all on vitilligo.

I am a Chinaman born in Malaysia which is a curse in a way because I’m an unwanted citizen. It’s not fun being an unwanted citizen. I hear threats and taunts by the UMNO rodents every now and then that I should go back to China if I am so discontented here in Tanah Melayu.

At this point, I’d like to apologize to the rodent family because even hamsters and rats behave better that these UMNO douchebags.

I miss out on so many goodies that this fat land can accord to me but it’s ok, at least I still have the liberty to choose my religious beliefs. There’s still no guarantee that my body wouldn’t be kidnapped at death though, but still that’s ok cos’ I’ll get a free burial albeit in the wrong company.

It’s easy to embrace a victim mentality as a Malaysian Chinese or Chinese Malaysian - whatever. I can justify my inability to get a scholarship because of my Chinaman name or ascribe my failure to enter university to my skin color. I can consciously opt for complacency, deliberately limit my own potential and then blame it all on NEP. I can embrace the victim mentality, organize a pity party and I’m sure I’ll jolly well find enough guests to fill up a stadium.

But I won’t. I refuse to be inhibited by the Ku Klux UMNO Klan. I refuse to be held down while others trample over me. I refuse to wait in line for the occasional UMNO handouts after the privileged lot has received their share. I will not be the uncircumcised Gentile in a land of pseudo-Jews.

Many Chinese fellows – young and old, will grumble just as I do about corruption and inflation and racial discrimination. They stop there, however and expect the Lim Kit Siangs and the Karpal Singhs to fight on their behalf.

Instead of improving themselves through vigorous reading, they head to the nearest comic outlet and devour the latest anime series and their scantily-clad, wide-eyed tangerinas with disproportionate bodies. They are more interested in seeing how Cecilia Chung gave Edison Chen a mediocre, half-hearted blowjob instead of how Lim Kit Siang was taunted and jeered at in Parliamen while speaking for these anime-devouring Chinese youths. They become anxious and weep pathetically when their favorite Japanese-Korean star dies in that stupid, fake soap opera but couldn’t care less when orang asli churches and Hindu temples are run to the ground. These losers will spend 25 bucks to catch a glimse of reluctant porn star Chua Soi Lek’s famed penis but will not donate a cent to DAP’s election fund.

Both young and old Chinese may waste their days lamenting about the sagging Malaysian economy then bemoan that the election was announced by Pak Liar before they had the time to register as a voter. They curse the NEP but continue smoking, boozing and karaoke-ing, cementing UMNO’s lame argument that the whole Chinese community is much better off than the Malays. They can spend thousands on 4-digit numbers over the years then unashamedly ask for financial help in sending their children to a private college. Some parents claim to not have enough to get by but their primary school-going children may be using handphones with more features than a nasal endoscopy set.

How can these Chinese people ever be justified? It’s because of this subgroup of Chinese community – the selfish pricks and hedonistic turds that the needy Chinese gets neglected. There are Chinese folk in Malaysia much poorer than one can ever imagine.

Change must start within the community itself. And changing people's attitude is more difficult than treating septic shock.

We can have half a Parliament filled with DAP/PKR politicians screaming their lungs out but for as long as there exist a substantial portion of the Chinese more keen to booze and snooze than vote and revolt, the possibility of the NEP ever being abolished is as great as that of pigs mounting up wings and fly.

P/S: This whole article can apply to the Indian machas as well.

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