Monday, July 21, 2008

"To Do" List

Things I Am Doing:
1. Hurting my loved ones
2. Fattening my animal friends
3. Laboring for money
4. Dreaming in oblivion
5. Reading with no gains
6. Wasting my youth
7. Waiting for lighting
8. Procrastinating the inevitable
9. Living in denial
10. Writing for no cause

Things I Fancy Doing:
1. Riding the waves
2. Fishing in deep sea
3. Skateboarding in X games
4. Diving in the Amazon river
5. Establish a nocturnal township
6. Go on a spending spree
7. Start myself on a course of Ritalin
8. Save the leatherback
9. Kick some asses, so many of them
10. Retire at 30

Things I Should Be Doing:
1. Pray thankfully
2. Write and call Brother
3. Buy a new car for Father
4. Study intensively
5. Exercise like I used to
6. Practise writing legibly
7. The laundry, the trash and the bills too
8. Learn Photoshop, Hokkien and the art of hypocrisy
9. Stop blogging
10. Go home


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha. made me laugh, esp buy a car for Father. ha ha ha.

CK said...

so tis is doctor's scribble huh?

Sojourner said...

you forgot one thing in your 'things i fancy doing' list... mix music like a DJ in a trance club...
why learn hokkien?

ella-mae said...

Doc, you are pushing yourself too hard. I thought the same as you when I was in my twenties. Wanted to repay my parents badly for all the scarifices they made for me. But things like this cant be done overnight. Go slow la.. dont be so hard on yourself.

missjolie said...

hahaha...very funny and most of the things I'd like to do too. i can't read what u wrote though ;P