Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wishlist 2008

Things I Have:
1. An ageing Proton Saga
2. Nokia 3310
3. One heck of a stupid racist government
4. Holes in my pockets
5. A big, big mouth and a restless soul
6. Cockroaches in my kitchen
7. A DNR (Do not resuscitate) card signed and laminated
8. Fleeting thoughts and recurrent dreams
9. Repetitive stress injury and irritable bowel syndrome, I think
10. Much undeserved blessing in life

Things I Wish I Have:
1. A speedboat named Butter
2. High-end skateboards and a matching ramp
3. Loaded shotgun with unlimited ammunition
4. A winning lottery ticket
5. Crude oil reserve under my home
6. A time-travelling contraption
7. More hours in a day
8. Training weights and a proper gym set
9. Photographic memory but for the right stuff
10. Freedom of speech and freedom after speech

Things I Truly Need:
1. A feline companion with patience infinite
2. A plane ticket back home
3. Nasonex intranasal spray
4. Urgent haircut by a barber with no cataracts
5. Job offer from GlaxoSmithKline or any sympathetic drug company
6. Guy friends as back in university
7. Life insurance for RM 1 million
8. Immense willpower
9. A chance to make things right with Mother
10. Conversations with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost


CK said...

y GSK?

Sojourner said...

why don't you get a cat since you truly need one? like you said, they're patient, non-complaining, silently listening....

kelvin said...

I also miss hanging out with guys like back during my uni days. Now i spend most of my time hanging out with emotionally unavailable girls. God i need to find myself a girlfriend SOON.