Monday, July 28, 2008

Worthless Lives

UMNO and PAS can engage in all the pea-brainstorming orgies they desire on Malay unity, Islamic laws and a more Taliban-like Tanah Melayu. The fact remains, Malaysia is one of the easiest countries in which one can get an abortion done.

Worthless lives

How much is a live worth?

How much is YOUR life worth?

I’m not sure if it is possible to put a price tag on human lives or any lives for that matter. Increasingly however, the world does especially Forbes, MTV and E!

Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ net assets are estimated to hover around US$ 58 billion. Detractors and anti-capitalism believers can say what they want but Bill Gates is one man that has truly changed how the world operates on a daily basis. He may not have done it single handedly of course but for all the knowledge and pioneering technology, he is very well worth the multi-billion dollar price tag.

Trailing a far way behind is Tiger Woods. He is worth an estimated US 770 million for hitting golf balls regardless of whether he lands them in the hole at the end of the game. Sportsmen and sportswomen are often portrayed as role models for aspiring young minds. Their quotes are often cited to motivate and drive one to further heights. Their news, mementos, biographies and autobiographies sell as well as Microsoft Office applications, and these don’t even need to be authentic. Heck, they don’t necessarily need to perform up to the hype surrounding them. David Beckham makes more news form his fantasy love life with Victoria Spice than scoring goals yet he earns in one month more than a doctor can ever earn in a lifetime.

Then again of course, celebrities are always overrated and usually for no special talents or logical reason. When a health minister is caught in an extramarital affair on video, he resigns from the political scene and public at least for a while. When a dumb blonde and spoilt brat has her night-visioned sex videos leaked on the internet, the world hails her as a brave champion of feminism and western liberalism. In spite of all her lame movies, talent-less singing, distasteful dressing and a conspicuous absence of any beneficial contribution to humankind, Paris Hilton is worth at least US$ 30 million. Even her yelping Chihuahua with syndromic facies is worth 5,000 US dollars – that’s the cash price the billionaire heiress offered when Tinkerbell went missing only to be found later in Paris Hilton’s grandmother’s house.

These mind-boggling figures and nonsensical price tags overshadow many untold stories and unknown lives.

UMNO and PAS can engage in all the pea-brainstorming orgies they desire on Malay unity, Islamic laws and a more Taliban-like Tanah Melayu. The fact remains, Malaysia is one of the easiest countries in which one can get an abortion done. Next to transvestitism, illegal abortions are probably the second unifying trait among Malaysians of all religions, culture, ethnicity and ages and geographical origins. Legally speaking in fact, no abortion is illegal in Malaysia inv view that abortions are deemed justified and for medicinal intentions when the progress of pregnancy will eventually result in psychological upset to the unwilling mother.

If one browses through the records of shady abortion clinics, it is evident that Malaysia has lost millions of unborn lives over the years and across all ethnicities. If one spends a day observing the characters that requests abortions, there is little doubt that one will see human behavior in a different light altogether. Obese, middle- aged Muslim ladies in waist-length tudung, educated Chinese ladies in working attire, slim Kadazandusuns in spaghetti stripes and her Indian male companion – everyone wants to be an accomplice in the daily massacre of unborn babies.

A four-week old fetus goes for RM 300, an older eight-weeker for up to RM 700. They come out in tiny bits and torn pieces and get flushed down the sewage system.

That’s how much unborn babies are worth in Muslim Malaysia.

So much for Islam Hadhari and more veiled-up Malaysia.


AJ7 said...'ve basically summed it up well. Add this...15/16 year kids sleeping around, they get pregnant. Then bf/parents; they all troop to get the abortion done. Despite more religiosity, morals are on a downhill dive!

Anonymous said...

you think you can be some kind of hero writing all this stuff?

you sounded so desperate to be "someone", and to be known as that,

but you're just dark and rebellious, BITTER, always dreaming about what might have been.

life is not always about you, or politics, or the worthless life born into this society.

you write as what you think

have you thought of the effects they might bring on YOURSELF? or your loved ones?

why don't you start writing something else. write something that won't produce hatred, but a thinking mind.

Anonymous said...

My 2 cents worth to anonymous :

Hello Mr. Anonymous, may i ask, who in the world are you to judge what can be written and what can not ?

POTS is just writing what is. Revealing all the dirty works behind the veiled curtain.

People can write whatever they want. Freedom of expression is always the virtue of ones' liberty.

His writings, to me, were never meant to instill hatred, but to serve as an eye opener to view current situations in a different light.

You want a thinking mind ? POTS is one of the best "thinkers"/ observer we have out here.

He's only revealing WHAT IS and help people like yourself to see the light of day. Solutions of current affair i feel, can only be meted out through understanding of the real deal.

People need to see the truth. Somebody needs to say something, and POTS DOING EXACTLY THAT.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what anonymous could possibly mean and I suspect they write this for every blog they don't agree with, rather than posting a reasonable reply. Please don't even think about it. You ARE some kind of hero, exposing the horror of abortion. The same thing is happening in the US. I am a 'sidewalk counselor' at an abortion mill in Chicago and see every Saturday young women actually being shoved into the facility by their mother or boyfriend. They have frightened faces, for good reason, since abortion is dangerous. We must work and pray to end it. Thank you for doing your part.

Sojourner said...

no offense POTS, but i think anonymous did hit some raw chord on the 'but you're just dark and rebellious, BITTER, always dreaming about what might have been'. still, i know deep down you're a 'someone'- who wants to make the world a better place for you and your loved ones. so yea, you can be and you are some kind of hero.

Anonymous said...

Hey there

Off topic but what do you think of Pusrawi's medical report/notes on Saiful? Conclusive?

Dr Raffick doesn't seem to think so...Check here here.

nckeat88 said...

In stead of condemning the abortion. I believe in the right of women to make this kind of decision. Unless you can come out with a system that all these unwanted babies are well taken care by the system. It's easy for others to criticize these mother but these mothers are the one who bear the consequences.

We should try our best to give the social support for all these mothers but if everything fail, they should be allowed the choice of safe abortion.

Gan said...

nckeat88 - you mentioned right of the woman but what about the right of the foetus?

nckeat88 said...

I think the women is at the best position to decide for themselve. They are the one who bear the consequences. The society had been cruel to them so far. The society only condemn them. Even their male partner were let go their resposiblity. Ask yourself, beside criticising them, what else you really do to help them.
Please do not play God and impose your moral value on them.

If you do not agree that they should have the right of abortion, then please propose a realitic solution for this problem. I mean a realitic one which you must handle the few hundred thousand extra babies that may not get the proper care. We are not in a perfect society, so if no good solution or option given to them, then they must at least given an option that they are willing to take and given a 2nd chance. God will just them not us. Our job is to guide them but we should not condemn them for their choice.