Monday, September 29, 2008

Thinking About: Migration (4) / Is There A Future For Malaysia?

Just as Malaysia is a heterogenous nation with many colors and shapes, the states within the republic will not evolve homogenously over the years.

Thinking About: Migration (3) / Is There A Future For Malaysia?

Nobody really knows how many Malaysians have left the country since 1969.

The year 1969 and not 1957 is arbitrarily employed as the starting date because the UMNO-planned May 13 massacre was a profound factor for emigration back then.

In fact ever since the UMNO hooligans went on their bloody rampage that fateful date, Malaysians of all ethnicities go about their daily lives subtly weighing the possibility of another racial slaughter.

Malaysians have lived in paranoia since May 13 1969.

Our parents who lived through May 13 hush us up when we make statements that are deemed anti-government, as opposed to anti-Malaysia. Those born after 1969 and raised in the era of the New Economic Policy (NEP) are indoctrinated from school through university to toe the line and not question the special privileges of the special groups, and I am certainly not referring to mentally-challenged children and physically-handicapped persons. Voters cast their support for candidates from race-based parties in order to maintain status quo out of fear that the opposite means a bloodbath with the UMNO keris.

I imagine being in the shoes of our parents and grandparents right after May 13, 1969. I believe in their minds was one very intense question, the issue of whether there was any hope left for a racially-divided Malaysia after UMNO’s deliberate butchery.

Two Million?

Anyway, no one really knows how many Malaysians have opted to settle elsewhere. The National Registration Department may have records of Malaysians surrendering their citizenships and passports but not records of permanent emigration. We should bear in mind that these adopted lands are never necessarily greener pastures and golden hills beside crystal seas. Uprooting is never easy and inexorably inflict much emotional pain when families are divided and scattered throughout.

Thirty years have lapsed.

Malaysia is still around, having gone through her equal share of ups and downs (although the BN-controlled mainstream media might sing a continuous triumphant tune through it all). The fact that Malaysia is still standing today does not prove that Malaysians who left the country made an erroneous move.

We would do well to remember that Malaysia’s survival since independence was fueled (no pun intended) by none other than her vast crude oil reserves. Our black gold was the only reason why the UMNO government could (ill-)afford all the gargantuan and nonsensical wastages through corrupted practices and failed foolish mega projects.

Our oil reserves are running low now with no new valuable commodities in sight. UMNO’s political power is under threat and UMNO is once again resorting to religious extremism and racial sentiments to remain in power and lord over Malaysia and Malaysians.

The question emerges once again - will Malaysia see another racial slaughter by UMNO? Will Malaysia survive another fifty years?

POTS’s Prophecy

At the rate and manner in which the population is growing, Malaysia will be very different from the one we know today even if no UMNO-inspired racial strife ever takes place.

The number of non-Muslim Malaysian Indians, Chinese and Kadazandusuns are dwindling rapidly, from both emigration as well a lower birth rate. At the same time, the number of Muslim immigrants from Indonesia, Philipines and Pakistan is increasing exponentially from selective and biased awarding of Malaysian citizenship.

The change in demographic will be felt most terribly in the state of Sabah, where genuine true-blue Kadazandusuns can lose their citizenship and by default their bumiputera privileges whilst rogue Filipinos may gain Malaysian citizenship and therefore rights to landownership and possession of assets. Already, the UMNO state government has accorded permanent residency to 200,000 (Muslim) Indonesians and Filipinos in a so-called massive operation. Fifty years from now, dare we imagine how Sabah might be?

At the other end of the spectrum, regardless of the pattern of population growth, the Malay-majority state of Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu will hardly see any noticeable change fifty years from today. Be it under PAS or UMNO rule, secular or syariah regulation, in poverty or prosperity, the people might just remain as contended as they have been in good old Tanah Melayu. Issues like media freedom, corruption index, freedom of speech and international academic excellence just won’t gel in the hearts and minds of simple folks more concerned about religious piety and life in the hereafter.

By virtue of its proximity to a wealthy Singapore, Johor will continue to experience development and prosperity. Its income and crime index will continue to climb but yet the people of Johor might just never opt for another government apart from the Barisan Nasional.

The states of Perak, Penang and Selangor as well as the federal territory of Kuala Lumpur are most unpredictable. UMNO’s grip on power is weakest in these states and it is here where UMNO will go all out to provoke yet another racial turbulence.

Just as Malaysia is a heterogenous nation with many colors and shapes, the states within the republic will not evolve homogenously over the years.

Hitherto, we’ve only discussed the possibility of Malaysia going through another UMNO-engineered massacre.

Even if that never happens, will Malaysia still be a lovely nation with the environmental pollution, forest destruction, uncontrolled overfishing, shortsighted waste management and a Najib Tun Razak?

I don’t know.


Anonymous said...

There is always hope in God, Jesus Christ.

All the best to ur decision, whatever it may be.

CK said...

yeah... tat's the lingering concern for me too.
anyway, wish you the best in your decision. you know best and no need to justify your decision to any person other than yourself.

selamat hari raya.

Anonymous said...

leave boy..........LEAVE!!!

LSTan said...

I was a medical student at UM in 1969. I knew May 13 first hand.

My three children (around your age group) went overseas for medical education, partly due to the NEP, partly due to parental choice (with much financial sacrifice). They are now quite happy settling down overseas except for the lingering guilt of no intention to return to look after aging parents.

It has not been easy for us parents who have no intention to migrate, but one has to look at the bigger picture in the global village.

Singapore is a good choice where meritocracy is practised and PR easily obtained for talented people. You will meet many Malaysian there who happily keep their blue Malaysian ICs while earing the bigger $$. It has gone up 2.4times in the last 30 years as compared to our shrinking RM.

My children are watching the Malaysian political scenes from across the oceans, but they have not given up their Malaysian passports.

Who knows, with a CHANGE in government, some of them may want to return later on.

Anonymous said...

lstan is right.

there will be never be a place anywhere else in the world like home.

there is just something about malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are wellcome in Malaysia especially with your ignorance of history. While UM (Singapore and KL) was rule by certain ethnic group, Malays had been "slaughtered" without mercy. However none of them leave the country because this is their homeland. Not like you who are rebel in nature and ignorance as choice. It is better for you to leave and give up your citizenship.

Anonymous said...

'What I think of him"
Former PM gets a dose of his own medicine from a Somali living in Malaysia. The Malays, too, get an earful.
Nov 21, 2008

A Somalis perception of Mahathir

I'm a Somali living in Malaysia who follows the local scene here very much. I would have to admit that Dr M's greatest disadvantage is his pure, unadulterated hatred for anyone who disagrees with him.

Never have I seen a human being whose sole motivation, drive and engine is pure hatred. Just visit his blog which is read by friends and foes, locals and foreigners and I must tell you it epitomises him in every way.

Since he started it after complaining of UMNO media strangulation, did you see an article that he has written concerning the poor, the needy, the widows, the orphans, the handicapped, the downtrodden, the wayfarers,
compassion, empathy, sharing, sacrifice, charity, morality, accountability, God's fear and Judgement, forgiveness, patience (etc)? No.

Always it is about some people, blaming others, calling them names, dishingout unvanished, pure hatred. Blaming others for this and that and exonerating himself from all blame? Surely, at this age?

You can't build a society and a nation through hate, vengeance, intense anger and mean spirit.

You would have to remind the people the higher purpose of life for them to get motivated and work harder for the less fortunate and for themselves.

Finger pointing, blaming others, planting defeatist culture in the Malays, reducing them to mad people (we are sensitive, we will run amok society that makes even foreigners despise the Malays) will not help this society and

Somalis, too, suffer
from 'hate' complex

My people (the Somalis) suffered from cruel leadership and when the hatred became too much, we turned to each other and till today, we the only nation with no Central govt.

The Malays share with us almost every trait, very feudal, manipulated easily, territorial, misuse of Islam for expediency, rigid explanation of Islam and too much interest in outward Islam than inward Islam that strengthens the hearts, our only difference is that the Malays have the Chinese and the Indians around that make them watch out for the "enemies."

For us, we didn't have that and that's why we turned to each other. If God has loved the Malays and Malaysia, it is because He brought other people here.

If some Malays regret the presence of the Chinese and Indians, ask us the Somalis and you will know what it means to be an incestous (homogenous) society and you will praise the Almighty day in day out.

If it was possible, I would have shipped the Chinese and Indians to Somalia to create diversity in my nation but it is wishful thinking.

The other person who makes me cringe in shame is one Curry [Khairy] Jamaluddin. Never have I seen a more uncouth, uncultured, degenerate, pugancious, ill, nefarious and utterly infantile being than this young man.

I have a big heart who tries to understand everyone and put myself in their place, but I don't think my heart can accommodate one Curry Jamaluddin.

He is a primate and deserves the worst treatment (though I hate it because we are Muslims and human beings) but honestly he is too much.
Oct 31, 2008

(This letter was received via e-mail from a friend.)


Anonymous said...

I don't think you are welcome in Malaysia especially with your ignorance of history. While UM (Singapore and KL) was rule by certain ethnic group, Malays had been "slaughtered" without mercy. However none of them leave the country because this is their homeland. Not like you who are rebel in nature and ignorance as choice. It is better for you to leave and give up your citizenship.- Anonymous

Malays had been "slaughtered" without mercy- R u trying to justified the NEP?